The Plight of the Filipinos About “Plane”

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Filipinos in Hollywood Headed by FilAm Creative

The Plight of the Filipinos About “Plane”

According to Mark Labella, Executive Director of FilAm Creative. “PLANE” boycott is heartbreaking. Robin Padilla, a Filipino action star turned politician, calls to boycott a film that is a work of fiction that does not purport itself, in any way, to be based on a true story. Filipinos are proud, smart, and hospitable people, and everyone in Hollywood and back knows that. A boycott underestimates Pinoy common sense and the ability to distinguish between fact and a Hollywood film. Hollywood still has a representation issue– there is so much work to do for America’s second-largest AAPI population that Pinoys are rarely seen and celebrated in US media today. Boycotting cuts off lines of communication with Hollywood and major studios to enhance that representation. It signals that we are unwilling to open dialogue to improve future narratives…

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