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“We’re proudly changing the way Filipinos are seen and heard around the world.”

We started out as a few people around a restaurant table with a dream to show the world our faces and tell our stories. Now we’re on the cusp of reaching the world and need your support for our important mission.

  • 13 years
  • 170+ events and programs
  • Several dozen original shorts, webseries and PSA’s created because of FAC
  • Multiple musical artists, comedians, visual artists and performances showcased via FAC events and media
  • Dozens of leaders trained to empower our community
  • Thousands upon thousands touched by our message through various media
  • Partnerships with the world’s most power media companies including NBCUniversal, CBS, and ABS-CBN

The fight to advance our community has costs and as an all-volunteer nonprofit organization FilAm Creative cannot win this fight without your support. We ask for your donation, services and products in-kind to help bring the perception of our community to the next level.

What will the donation be used for?

  • Nonprofit administration costs such as accounting and legal fees to make sure our nonprofit survives
  • Creating a leadership training program to train our leaders of tomorrow
  • Expanding our events/programs to present our community in a professional manner and give our people a respected reputation
  • Fund our classes and workshops that train creators
  • To pay for consistent event venues for our community to network, showcase work and ultimately to find allies in order to advance our careers and the cause together
  • To fund our content creation programs so we can finally make content by us and for us because no one else will

There are 4 million Filipino Americans and 110 million Filipinos in the worldwide diaspora that can be touched by your sponsorship. Please consider becoming a sponsor or making a tax-deductible cash donation(in the U.S.A.) in the amounts below for opportunities to market your brand to a highly targeted demographic of Filipinos, Asians and our communities in the entertainment industries:

Suggested Donations:

$50          Kaibigan (friend)

$100        Kababayan (countrymen)

$250        Kuya/Ate (brother/sister)

$500        Tito/Tita (uncle/aunt)

$750        Ninong/Nina (Godfather/Godmother)

$1,000     Datu(chief)

$2,500     FAC’S Bestie!

$5,000+   FAC Barkada for life!

FilAm Creative, Inc. is a full-fledged 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Instructions for Venmo:

  1. Set up an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Search for FilAm Creative’s name
  4. Plug in your donation amount
  5. Send the donation

Click on FilAm Creative’s name to go to our Venmo account – Venmo: @filamcreative

In-kind donations/questions: Email

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The entire Filipino American entertainment community worldwide thanks you for your support.