#FACinfocus News: Filipino American Talent in Films with Premieres, Releases, Special Screenings and Festival Tours 2018 – Part 4

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

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It’s that time of year again!  A few of our members from our FilAm Creative Talent Network (FACTN) have films premiering at this year’s 34th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival from May 3 to May 12, 2018.

FilAm Creative Talent Network at Closing Night of LAAPFF 2017 – Photo by Sthanlee B. Mirador


FAKEAPINO – World Premiere at the Downtown Independent, May 5, 2018 @ 1:15pm

A boy of mixed white and Filipino descent struggles to understand his identity, when he realizes he is perceived as “other” among the groups he felt he belonged to.

Director’s Bio

Jeremy is an Los Angeles based actor, writer, and filmmaker freshly graduated from CalArts. His work is primarily concerned with the myriad manifestations of love, cultural and ethnic clashes, and what it means to be a young man navigating the very specific times we find ourselves in.

Director: Jeremy Sistoso
Producer: Jeremy Sistoso
Director of Photography: Kevin C. Fredrick
Editor: Kevin C. Fredrick
Lighting Design: Kevin C. Fredrick
1st AC: Matthew S. McKay
AD: Carlo Figlio
Cast: Jeremy Sistoso, Kevin C. Fredrick, Matthew S. McKay

TICKETS:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/fakeapino/

Jeremy Sistoso’s FAKEAPINO


ANITO – Los Angeles Premiere at the Downtown Independent, May 6, 2018 @ 9:30pm

A young girl befriends the spirit living inside her family’s ancestral wooden cabinet and helps find it a new tree to call home.

Director’s Bio

Melanie emigrated from Manila, Philippines to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in film and television. As a first generation immigrant, she hopes to bring the American audience a fresh take on Filipino culture. She was recently accepted at the University of Southern California for the Masters program in Film and Television Production.

Director: Melanie Lim
Writer: Melanie Lim
Producer: Melanie Lim, Kris Hattori
Director of Photography: Alex Davis-Lawrence
Editor: Melanie Lim
Composer: Joy Ngiaw
Cast: Emma Garcia, Angela Baesa, Reuben Uy, Kristan Cleto

TICKETS:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/anito/

Melanie Lim’s ANITO starring Emma Garcia


ASWANG NEXT DOOR – Los Angeles Premiere at the Downtown Independent, May 6, 2018 @ 9:30pm

A man is worried he may be a Filipino monster that eats fetuses, so he warns his pregnant neighbor about this possibility.

Director’s Bio

Bernard Badion is a writer and director from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an award-winning alumnus of Loyola Marymount University’s Writing and Producing for Television program. He’s proud that this is his third film to play at LAAPFF. You can find more of his work through Nuno Media. Bernard is currently an assistant at ABC’s “Fresh Off The Boat.”

Director: Bernard Badion
Writer: Bernard Badion, Eugene Cordero
Producer: Bernard Badion, Eugene Cordero, Terrence Grant
Director of Photography: Rommel Andaya
Editor: Bernard Badion
Cast: Eugene Cordero, Brynn O’Malley

TICKETS:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/aswang-next-door/

Bernard Badion’s ASWANG NEXT DOOR starring Eugene Cordero


LIMBOLAND – Los Angeles Premiere at the Regal L.A. Live (Theatre #12), May 8, 2018 @ 9:00pm

Grace, an estranged daughter, comes back home for her mother’s funeral. Tensions rise when the family discovers that the mother’s body is missing. It’s up to Grace and her father to pull together to find the mother’s body before the funeral starts.

Director’s Bio

Melanie Ramos is a filmmaker originally from Sacramento, CA. She received a Masters in Film Production from NYU Tisch Asia in Singapore. While studying in Asia, she traveled around directing and shooting films in various countries in Southeast Asia. Her short film, DELIVER HER screened at LAAPFF 2014. She now resides in Los Angeles, CA and is currently working on her next film project.

Director: Melanie Ramos
Producer: Robbin Rae
Director of Photography: Brett Rogstad, Darius Dawson
Production Designer: Annalise Leonelli
Cast: Amielynn Abellera, Valdimir Velasco, Sheila Tejada, Isadora O’Boto, Jeff Gadigan

TICKETS:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/limboland/

Melanie Ramos’ LIMBOLAND


NEOMANILA – North American Premiere at the Regal L.A. Live (Theatre #14), May 9, 2018 @ 9:15pm

Since President Rodrigo Duterte’s election, the Philippines has been in a grip of the “war on drugs”, where the police use bounty hunters to kill gangsters. A street orphan named Toto is one of many caught in the crossfire when he is recruited by a notorious death squad.

Director’s Bio

Mikhail Red is a Filipino filmmaker based in Manila, Philippines. Exposed to cinema at an early age, Red wrote and directed his first short film when he was fifteen, immediately earning him recognition in local and international film festivals. His sophomore feature film project, BIRDSHOT, won the top prize of the Asian Future section of the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. It was the Philippines’ official entry to the Academy Awards.

Director: Mikhail Red
Producer: Nicole Runi, Sara Santiago
Director of Photography: Mycko David
Editor: Jeffrey Loreno
Cast: Eula Valdes, Timothy Castillo, Rocky Salumbides, Jess Mendoza, Angeli Bayani

TICKETS:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/neomanila/

Mikhail Red’s NEOMANILA


JUST A KID FROM SEATTLE – Los Angeles Premiere at the Regal L.A. Live (Theatre #13), May 9, 2018 @ 9:30pm

A troubled Filipino American teenage boy is forced to deal with an ambiguous future as rainy weather and gentrification take a toll on his less than glamorous neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. Ultimately, he finds a new love for home.

Director’s Bio

Jonathan “JJ” Augustavo is an accomplished short, music video, and commercial director. The Seattle born Filipino American has won three MTV VMA’s, was nominated for a Grammy, and has nearly three billion views online of his work. JJ’s goal is to create new versions of his ethnicity on screen that are more inline with real people and not just stereotypes. JJ is represented by WME for Film and Television.

Director: JJ Augustavo
Writer: JJ Augustavo
Producer: Adam Leeman
Executive Producer: Nate Barr, Katherine Dore
Director of Photography: Mike McMillin
Production Designer: Lauren Fejarang
Composer: Matt Hutchinson
Steadicam Operator: Colin MacDonnell
Cast: Carlin James, Ryan J. Lewis

TICKETS:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/just-a-kid-from-seattle/

JJ Augustavo’s JUST A KID FROM SEATTLE starring Carlin James

While at the LAAPFF 2018, also support and check out these film premieres:


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