FilAm Creative Leadership


Meet the 2021 Leadership Team

Roni Canieso – Executive Director filam2020c2a9kayemeephotographs116

Iya Baclagan – Vice President 


Nina Gosiengfao – Director of Social Media and Membership


Kirby Ortego – Director of Content and MultiMedia


Rhakel San Diego – Director of Programming and Community Interactions


Nikki Montes – Director of Logistics and Communications

Kayemee Quiamco –  FAC Production Coordinator + R&S Production Team


Board of Directors

(left to right) Ed Mallillin, Rex Sampaga, Walter Boholst



Meet the 2020 officers

Roni Canieso, our Executive Director

Iya Baclagan, our Vice President!

Kayemee Quiamco, our director of logistics and accounts manager

Dom Argana, our director of live programming

Rhakel San Diego, our director of communications

Kirby Ortego, our director of content

Nina Gosiengfiao, our director of social media

Active Board of Directors

Walter Boholst
Rex Sampaga
Ed Mallillin


Board of Directors

  • Walter Boholst (Marketing/Strategic Planning/Business Development)
  • Rex Sampaga (Music)
  • Ed Mallillin (Fundraising Event Producer/Internship Director)

Executive Board

  • Executive Director – Charles Gray
  • Vice President of Operations – Roni Canieso
  • Vice President of Finance – Aaron Redman
  • Director of Content  –
    • July 2019 vacant (accepting applications)
    • John Flores (Jan. 2019-July 2019)
  • Director of Live Programming
    • July 2019- vacant (accepting applications)
    • Vincent Eclavea (Jan. 2019-July 2019)
  • Director of Membership/Community Outreach
    • Angel Qinan
    • Jessica Larkin
  • Director of Marketing – (accepting applications)
  • Director of Business Development – (accepting applications)


  • Chief Development Officer – Meriden Villanueva
  • Director of Social Media  – Nina Gosiengfiao
  • Graphic Design Manager – Chelsea Javier
  • College Night Producer/At-Large Director– Iya Baclagan
  • Videographer / Editor – Miguel Paulo Arcilla
  • Videographer / Photographer – Cheryl Nathan
  • Web Developer – (accepting applications)

Project Producers

  • Director of Writing– Kaitlyn Fae
  • TV Writing Course Instructor – Thomas Reyes
  • Filming in the Philippines Panel – Walter Boholst, Vincent Eclavea
  • Women in Film Panel – Roni Canieso, Jessica Larkin
  • Fundraising Gala – Ed Mallillin


2018 Leadership

Active Board of Directors

Walter Boholst
Rex Sampaga
Ed Mallillin

Rex Sampaga
Board of Director Rex Sampaga introduce himself, during an ice-breaker exercise at a FilAm Creative monthly meeting, at the Pilipino Workers Center in Los Angeles, Calif., in January 2018.

Executive Board

President – Meriden Villanueva (Jan.-June.)
Vice President – Walter Talens (Jan.-June)

President – Walter Talens (June.-Dec.)
Vice President – Meriden Villanueva(June.-Dec.)
Secretary – Aaron Redman
Treasurer – Cecilia Lim

Administrative Department

Technology Director – Rodney Cajudo
Creative Director – Murphy Pham
Communications Director – Walter Talens
Business Development Director – Aaron Redman

Communication Department

Public Relations – Dale Chung
Membership/Community Outreach – Angel Qinan

FilaAm Creative Meeting
Guest speaker and Producer Dean Devlin (Bad Samaritan, Independence Day, The Librarians, Stargate) take a group photo with FilAm Creative (FAC) members, during the monthly general meetings, at Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) in Historic Filipino Town, Los Angeles, Calif., on April 22, 2018.

Creative Department Directors

Writing – Kaitlyn Fae
Writing (Instructor) – Leo Partible
Workshop/Event Producer  – Charles Gray (Film Nights)
Workshop/Event Producer – Joe Gunawan (Pre-Production
Workshop/Event Producer – Owen Alabado (Showcase)

2018 Design & Layout by: Walter Talens

CBS Cares
From Left to Right: Walter Talens (FAC), Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i (SVP Entertainment Diversity & Communications-CBS), Craig Obligacion Wilson (FAC) and Meriden Villanueva (FAC), take a group picture after their first meeting, introducing FilAm Creative to CBS Studio, build a relationship that can help diversity in entertainment and opportunities for FAC’s members in the future, at Radford Studios, Los Angeles, Calif., on Sept 2017.

2017 Active Founders & Board of Directors

Walter Boholst
Rex Sampaga
Ed Mallillin

2017 Executive Board

President – Meriden Villanueva
Vice President & Treasurer – Walter Talens
Secretary – Angela Paviera

2017 Administrative Department Directors

Online Press – Edwin Santos
Technology – Rodney Cajudo
Business Development – Arlyn Dela Pena

2017 Creative Department Directors

Filmmaking – Craig Wilson
Writing – Kaitlyn Fae
Digital Programming – Mara De La Rosa
Acting – Maurus Dumalaog ED

2016 Executive Management Team

President – Walter Talens
Vice President / Social Media Director- Edwin Santos
Head of Long Term Planning- Ed Mallillin
Content Producer- John Flores
Content Producer- Mark Owen
Membership – Meriden Villanueva23213283_1741462405926988_8301162094482025835_o
Business Development – Arlyn Sinsay

2015 Board of Directors
Ed Mallillin
Rex Sampaga
Walter Boholst
2015 Leadership Team
Melissa Arce (College Filipinos in Entertainment Panel)
Meriden Villanueva
Arlyn Sinsay (Dodgers Filipino Heritage Night)
Walter Talens (Headshot project, Faction Film Festival)
Edwin Santos (Actors Panel, Social Media, LAAPFF)
John Flores (FAC TV, Bidyo)
Mark Crespo (FAC TV, Bidyo)FAC at LAPIFF2017

2014 Board of Directors
Membership: Ed Mallillin, Meriden Villanueva
Secretary: Melissa Arce
Marketing: Rex Sampaga
Treasurer: Darlene Alcantara
Program Director: Arlyn Sinsay
Social Media: Walter Boholst

2013 Board of Directors
Ed Mallillin
Melissa Arce+1DFAC5
Rex Sampaga
Darlene Alcantara
Arlyn Sinsay
Walter Boholst

2011-2012 Board of Directors
Walter Boholst
Ed Mallillin

Arlyn SinsayLolo Pepe Abe, Craig, Jaime, Jay & Me Premiere

December, 2010

FAN-E adopted the name… FilAm Creative

2010 Filipino American Network Entertainment Committee Contributors

Walter Boholst
Ed Mallillin
Arlyn Sinsay
Rolando Gotingco
Patrick Epino
Stephen Dypiangco
Winston Emano
Krizia Mendenilla
Krystal Menez
Jason Lopez
Rex Sampaga
AJ Calomay
Earl Baylon
Howard Cabalfin
Mitchel Dumlao
Walter Talens