What Happened at Kuwento: 2nd Annual Television Writers Panel?

2nd Edwin Picture for InterviewsSummary by Edwin A. Santos

Sunday, November 12, 2017

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“This panel was so great!!!! Thank you for organizing it!!! I learned so much!!!” says Giovannie Espiritu

Kuwento: The 2nd Annual FilAm Creative Television Writers Panel at Pilipino Workers Center

On a brisk Sunday afternoon in Historic Filipinotown Los Angeles, FilAm Creative hosted Kuwento: The 2nd Annual FilAm Creative Television Writers Panel at Pilipino Workers Center.  This year’s special guest panelists stem between traditional broadcast and cable television to streaming and new media writers: Adam Higgs who is the creator, producer and writer for BBC America’s Orphan Black as well as CBS’ Scorpion, Philip Buiser who is the writer, producer and director of A&E’s Bates Motel and AMC’s Preacher, Dennis Saldua who is the writer and producer for Netflix’s Atypical and NBC’s Deception) and Kelli Breslin who is a Lifetime Television Staff Writer and has a television movie.  The #FACwriterspanel2 event was moderated by last year’s guest panelist, Michael Golamco who is the screenwriter of Please Stand By starring Dakota Fanning and a former executive story editor and writer for NBC’s Grimm.

This is our second entertainment panel featuring producers and writers from current and popular television weekly episodic shows. They will discuss their journey into the writers room and the unique obstacles they faced being of Filipino or Asian Heritage. This fundraising event will help FilAm Creative continue its movement to promote, advance, and educate Filipino Americans in the entertainment industry.

Michael Golamco, Adam Higgs, Kelli Breslin, Dennis Saldua and Philip Buiser

The panel was insightful and entertaining for people interested in screenwriting.  Many aspiring young Filipino American writers included Gil Hizon who was in attendance.

FilAm Creative Executive Director Meriden Villanueva and writer Gil Hizon

Gil is a television writer and have written both original scripts as well as spec scripts for Broad City, The Mindy Project, You’re The Worst and The Real O’Neals when he was a 2015 Disney / ABC Writing Program Semi-Finalist, a 2015-2016 CBS Writers Mentoring Program Finalist and a 2017 Disney / ABC Writing Program Finalist.  He is currently participating at the CBS Writers Mentoring Program since October, 2017.

Gil H. Angela R WritersPanel 2
FilAm Creative Secretary Angela Paviera, Rachel Leyco, Gil Hizon, Code Black‘s Angela Relucio

“What a great event empowering Filipino Creatives in the industry. Thanks Grace Moss and FilAm Creative for putting this together!” says Gil Hizon.

Dennis Saldua provides an answer to Gil Hizon’s question

This year, we welcomed our first female writer to our annual event, Kelli Breslin.  She is of Italian, Filipino and Irish descent. From 2014 to 2016, she was an executive assistant and later, a writers production assistant for the CW’s Supernatural at Warner Brothers Television. She is a graduate of the 2017 Warner Brothers Writers Program and is currently a staff writer for Lifetime Television’s You – coming soon in 2018.

FilAm Creative’s Director of Business Development Arlyn Dela Pena, guest panelist Kelli Breslin, writer Fe P. Koons and actress/producer Sheila Tejada

“Having fun with television writer Kelli Breslin With [a] new show in LIFETIME…today at FilAm Creative[‘s] TV writers panel. Thanks Kelli!” says Fe P. Koons, a writer herself as well as one of the Founding Board Members of the Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival.

winners kuwento

Gil Hizon, Fe P. Koons and other attendees won raffle prizes donated by many of our sponsors: Valley Martial Arts Center, Kombat Instruments Limited, Fiesta Fast Food, The Park’s Finest, Social Products Natural Foods, Arts Frames & Gallery and Barkada.

FACwriterspanel2 Gifts

Thanks to the Phlavor Profiles Podcast by Pig Parts and Beer for their donations. Pig Parts and Beer presents a new podcast Phlavor Profiles, a podcast hosted by Karena Higgins of Pig Parts and Beer Blog. Karena connects with Filipina and Filipino entrepreneurs, restauranteurs and innovators in today’s food spaces. Listen to their podcast at iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phlavor-profiles/id1240674589 .

Kuwento Intro

“Attended KUWENTO Television Writers Panel presented by FilAm Creative. Thanks Ren Arrieta and Effe Ping Barker for bringing me to the event and giving my free ticket and early dinner.”  says Michael Chan.

Below are photos from the 2017 event

FAC BOD Walter Boholst, Arlyn Dela Pena and a volunteer practice their welcoming methods



FilAm Creative Technology Director Rodney Cajudo records the 2nd Writers Panel for YouTube



We had a blast today being a part of FilAm Creative’s Kuwento: FAC’s Television Writers Panel 2017! So grateful for all the FilAm writers paving the way! Mabuhay! exclaimed filmmakers Mara De La Rosa and Nicholas Pilapil who collaborated to create Becky and Baldwin’s short film and the FilAm Creations 1st Wave original, I Don’t Love You and currently the web series, Baes Welcome.

Thanks to our special guest panelists, FilAm Creative Board of Directors, leadership team members, volunteers and sponsors for making FAC Writers Panel 2 another successful event!

There is more to be said, but I will save all that when the video of the entire writers panel premieres at our YouTube page either late November or early December. Subscribe today right here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FilAmCreative and you will receive an alert once it is uploaded!


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