Week 2 of FAC’s Mental Health Month with Kapwa Health Collective

Know History, Know Self- No history, no self! We must understand our roots before we can truthfully cultivate beautiful creations to grow. This week, we have a special workshop planned in collaboration with Kami Yamamaoto of Kapwa Health Collective which will discuss our history with the colonial mentality and how it has impacted our mental health as Filipinx creatives in the entertainment industry and beyond.

The event will consist of an informational presentation and then a breakout room portion where individuals who wish to participate will be split up into groups to connect and share their own experiences. Please join us for this powerful event!


Trigger Warning- We will be covering some sensitive subjects and encourage all to join for as much or as little that is in accordance with their comfort level. We aim to make it a safe space for all.

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday at

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