Dean Devlin Speaks at FilAm Creative “Network & Create” Event Before “Bad Samaritan” Release

2nd Edwin Picture for InterviewsWritten by Edwin A. Santos

Friday, May 4, 2018

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“This is happening this evening! Dean Devlin, the most successful Filipino American writer/director/producer, is very busy but he wanted to specifically speak to our group to share his knowledge and experience in the industry.  He will also touch on his Filipino/Asian American heritage and its impact in media and society. Very rare opportunity so please come out and take advantage. And it’s potluck so there’s FOOD.”

~ Walter Boholst, Board of Director of FilAm Creative

Walter B
Walter Boholst

To Walter Boholst’s credit for connecting us to filmmaker Dean Devlin (as he was flying to Los Angeles from the Denver Comic Con promoting his new feature film, Bad Samaritan released nationwide, May 4th in theaters today), the FilAm Creative (FAC) Board, Staff, Production and Communication teams had less than three days to prepare its usual monthly “Network & Create” Potluck Event that Sunday, April 22nd to a media event with red carpet, catering, press and all the pomp and circumstance that followed. Everything went smoothly.

FilaAm Creative Meeting
Special Guest Speaker and Producer/Director Dean Devlin (Bad Samaritan, Independence Day, The Librarians, Stargate) takes a group photo with FilAm Creative (FAC) members, during the monthly general meeting at Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) in Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles, Calif., on April 22, 2018.

The room was packed with FAC members, sci-fi & fantasy movie fans, families with kids and teens and generations of FilAm filmmakers who grew up watching Devlin’s movies such as Stargate, Godzilla and the summer blockbuster hit, Independence Day, just to name a few.  He is also the executive producer and showrunner of TNT’s The Librarians which wrapped its fourth season and executive-produced five seasons of TNT’s Leverage.

Everyone left there happy, affirmed and inspired. However, we found a few comments online after the audience have met, spoke and networked with the Filipino American filmmaker himself.

“Hey guys, it was wonderful and pleasure to meet you all and mingle with you! I hope we will collaborate eventually, you are very inspiring folks! Dean Devlin is a Hollywood great personality and creator. Thank you for this opportunity to hear his story and meet him in person”

~ ‎Daniel Strehlau

Dean Devlin listens to Mondrian Hernandez

“Last Sunday, I got to meet the producer who made my childhood movies happen. Stargate, Independence Day, Universal Soldier… All possible because of this man. A BIG thanks to Meriden [Villanueva] and FilAm Creative for hosting this event and an even BIGGER thanks to Dean Devlin for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet and chat with the FilAm community! Be sure to catch his latest movie Bad Samaritan. Looks like it’s gonna be a good thriller!”

~ Mondrian Hernandez

Aleia Theriza and family with Dean Devlin

“Honored to have this picture taken with Mr. Dean Devlin. He is a Filipino Producer of American movies!  Everyone let’s support his new movie Bad Samaritan showing May 4th. Thanks!”

Aleia Theriza

A.S. Nishino speaks to Dean Devlin

FilAm Creative (FAC) strives to be the premiere Filipino American creative organization that promotes a more culturally integrated and diverse entertainment industry.

“At their most recent potluck, I got to meet Filipino producer Dean Devlin, responsible for Independence Day and now promoting his new independently produced thriller Bad Samaritan.

I’ve had the distinct opportunity to work with several artists from this network and it’s been a great opportunity to be exposed to industry professionals. Thank you actress Kathleen Macafe Neubauer for bringing me on the set of director/actor Sal Lemus ‘s dark crime drama Angel, which by the way is now complete! If I hadn’t been brought on to that project, I would never have met and worked with these awesome artists Stanley Wong (actor, writer, producer), Homer Dulu (DP), Arlyn Dela Pena (super inspirational actress and public figure), Meriden Villanueva (boss actress and President of the organization), and more! You want to meet, work, and learn from/with them.

Great practical and character building experiences I’ve gained through connecting with this group!

If you are a Filipino artist or have artist friends that are Filipino, please please please follow FilAm Creative on Facebook, and go to the potluck next month. Having a support network is important and helps push you forward in a way that wasn’t as available thirty years ago. It’s 2018, let’s take advantage of it!

Actress Angelica Villareal just got in on this month’s meeting and she had a blast!

So once again, FilAm Creative’s Talent Network–join and stay up to date with their events this year.”

A.S. Nishino 

Mar Vista Pictures and FAC member Gabe Pagtama interviews Dean Devlin:


Taken by Lonely Bird Studios –

FilAm Creative President Meriden Villanueva makes an introduction
Dean Devlin and Meriden Villanueva
Dean Devlin and filmmaker Vince Cruz

DD Hands

Actress Sarnica Lim and Dean Devlin

DD Points


Food provided by Fiesta Fast Food


Dean Devlin is now an Honorary FilAm Creative

“Last night was amazing! Thank you Dean Devlin for sharing your awesome stories and experiences! Thanks Fiesta Fast Food and to all who brought the delicious food! Thank to all the press that came, That’s My Entertainment, Sthanlee B. Mirador,, Stauros Entertainment and Mar Vista Pictures! Special thanks to Walter Boholst for making this super connection and to our awesome behind-the-scenes dream team, Rodney Cajudo, Charles Gray, Murphy Pham, Aaron Redman, Edwin Santos, Ed Mallillin, Rex Sampaga, Angel Qinan, Owen Alabado, Kenneth Chan, Homer Dulu, Wynston Fernando, Vince Cruz, Kuya Paul, Cheryl Nathan, Miguel and Tim Cruz for making the event run smoothly and capturing the memories! And of course, thank you for Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) for your unconditional support! Hope you all had fun last night!

Now let’s all go watch the movie Bad Samaritan on May 4th!”

~ Meriden Villanueva, Moderator and President of FilAm Creative

The FilAm Creative (FAC) Board, Staff, Production and Communication Team Members were invited to a Special “Friends & Family” Private Screening by Electric Entertainment. Held at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, CA. on Tuesday, April 24, many celebrities such as Ernie Reyes, Jr. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, The Rundown), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Librarians), Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World, True Lies), John Harlan Kim (The Librarians) and more were in attendance to support Devlin.

OPENING TODAY / NOW PLAYING — BAD SAMARITAN, a terrifying cautionary tale of two thieves uncovering more than what they bargained for when breaking into a house they thought would be an easy score. After making a shocking discovery, they must choose to run and hide, or face the killer whose dark secrets they have exposed.

Directed by Dean Devlin.  Starring David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Broadchurch), Robert Sheehan, Kerry Condon, Carlito Olivero and Jacqueline Byers.



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