What Happened at ‘Asian AF Presents Filipino AF’ Improv Show?

2nd Edwin Picture for InterviewsSummary by Edwin A. Santos

Monday, November 6, 2017

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Filipino AF – Photo by Tina June Malek

I LOVE improv and sketch comedy since the days of Monty Python’s Flying Circus to the original Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players of Saturday Night Live to SCTV to Kids In The Hall to Not Necessarily the News to MAD TV and so forth on mainstream media (and not ignoring the contributions made by standup comedians Jokoy, Rob Schneider, Rex Navarrete, Edwin San Juan and Erick Esteban). As a Filipino American actor, there were not many of us in the improv scene when I began studying The Harold (long form improv) in 2009 at the Upright Citizens Brigade. At least there, I knew of only Eugene Cordero, Leann Bowen, Rene Gube, Joy Regullano and the two Charlenes (Charlene de Guzman and Charlene Yi). However, at the October 13th Filipino AF show, I was left speechless! Not because I was laughing more than ever before, but I have never seen SO MANY comedic FilAm talent on ONE stage under ONE roof together performing in front of a majority of Filipinos [close to 300 people] of the audience!  It didn’t feel like your parents’ UP reunion parties, the college university PCN parties or even the backyard birthday dance parties.  I stood in the back of the Inner Sanctum Stage at UCB Sunset and witnessed all that was happening in front of my eyes like a proud papa. I almost cried. Seriously, my tear ducts were about to runneth over. With all that talent that night, there should be no reason whatsoever to see them in mainstream film and television — in droves!

The show’s sponsor FilAm Creative – Photo by Tina June Malek

In celebration of Filipino American History Month, FilAm Creative was proud to sponsor Asian AF Presents: Filipino AF [10/13], a comedy variety show that featured the best Filipino American talent in Los Angeles.  Improv, sketch, standup, film, music, dance and perspective were highlighted.  The show was hosted and produced by Allyn Pintal, Joy Regullano, & Erich Rheinhart Tamola and executive produced by Asian AF. – https://ucbtheatre.com/performance/56668

Photo by Tina June Malek


Kevin Camia – Photo by Tina June Malek

STAND UP by Kevin Camia, the Opening Act for Ali Wong’s current tour! (above)

Marques Ray – Photo by Tina June Malek

CHARACTERS by Marques Ray (above)

UCB Fil-Am Superteam: SINI-GANG – Photo by Tina June Malek

IMPROV by UCB Fil-Am Superteam SINI-GANG with special guest monologist Giselle Tongi (Albert Andrade, Eugene Cordero, Kay Kaanapu, Jiavani Linayao, PJ McCormick, Allyn Pintal, Joy Regullano, Erich Tamola) – (above)


SKETCH by Alfred Aquino II and Gilbert Galon
Featuring Gilbert Galon, Nathan Ramos (CAPE Writers Fellow), Alfred Aquino II, Chase Lihilihi, and Chelsie Lihilihi) – (above)

Q&A with Bernard Badion and Eugene Cordero (“Aswang Next Door”) – Photo by Tina June Malek

SHORT FILM – Aswang Next Door by Eugene Cordero and directed by Bernard Badion – (above)

Melanie Anne Padernal and Ally Vega – Photo by Tina June Malek

COMEDIC SONG/DANCE by Joy Regullano and choreographed by Ally Vega
Featuring Ally Vega, Jaime Barcelon, Gilbert Galon, Ruffy Landayan, Melanie Anne Padernal, AJ Pati, Joy Regullano, Reuben Uy, and Sandy Yu (above)

Filipino AF at UCB Sunset’s Inner Sanctum in Los Angeles

Below are highlights from that historical show!


Eugene Cordero and Rommel Andaya

ROMMEL ANDAYA (filmmaker):  OMG, this was such a great turn out and I laughed so much (which is rare). Shout out to Joy Regullano, Allyn Pintal and Erich Rheinhart Tamola for putting this together as well as everyone else who is involved. It was a good night for the community. Special thanks to FilAm Creative, Filipino AF and Asian AF!  


SHEILA TEJADA (actress):  Look Hollywood, audiences do want to see Filipinos perform!!  So proud of all my friends that were in Filipino AF at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – Los Angeles tonight and my fellow FilAm Creative friends that showed support!  

WALTER TALENS (FilAm Creative Treasurer):  Great time at last night’s UCB show Filipino AF and got to see Filipino -Americans do some awesome comedy. Eugene Cordero (2015 FilAm Creative Actors Panel guest) killin’ it on stage and showing his support for our team.

MARY GRANT (comedienne):  Awesome event at UCB last night!

FilAm Creative’s Angela Paviera and Maurus Dumalaog

ANGELA PAVIERA (FilAm Creative Secretary):  We always have fun. We always eat. Most importantly we always create!

MARA DE LA ROSA (writer/producer/actress):  FilAm Creative representing Filipino AF last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade.  Thanks to Asian AF and all the performers for a great night!

Melanie Anne Padernal performed in a comedic ensemble of song, dance and perspective

MELANIE ANNE PADERNAL (actress):  October 13, 2017 was one of the best days of my life. I attended the cast & crew screening of my feature ‘Bernard and Huey’ at the DGA. AND I got to dance my face off at FILIPINO AF.  Have you ever been a part of something bigger than yourself, you could literally FEEL the positive energy and love surging around you? That’s what FILIPINO AF was like. Close to 300 friends and family packed the UCB Inner Sanctum, joyously laughing and recognizing our shared culture and upbringing. It was even more special because my Mom was in the crowd too.  Sometimes when we think we’re alone, we’re really not. It just takes mustering up the courage to poke fun at ourselves, tell our stories, and repeat. Thank you Joy, Allyn and Erich for spearheading this dope event and for letting me be a part of it, ASIAN AF’s Will Choi for being Will Choi, and everyone who came out to support. So glad to see so many happy faces and reconnect with old friends! UCB continues to be a place where I feel most at home growing into my own. We made history ya’ll!

WILL CHOI:  Thank you to everyone who came out to Filipino AF! We had almost 300 people in the audience! Now that’s what’s up!!

Thank you Will Choi and Keiko Agena for creating Scarlett Johansson Presents… [LINK] that led to [the birth of] Asian AF in Los Angeles & New York.

Filipino AF’s Erich Tamola, Joy Regullano and Allyn Pintal – Photo by Tina June Malek

And, thank you to Joy Regullano, Allyn Pintal and Erich Tamola for hosting and producing Filipino AF [10/13]. Until next year!

Edwin’s UCB improv journey since 2009

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