FilAm Creative (FAC) strives to be the premiere Filipino American creative organization that promotes a more culturally integrated and diverse entertainment industry.  By providing educational and community-oriented programming and resources, FAC aims to encourage and create leaders who share our vision.

FilAm Creative’s 4 Core Values in everything we do:

FilAm Creative (FAC) is an all volunteer community organization dedicated to the advancement of Filipino-Americans in entertainment and media. FAC combines “Do-It-Yourself” ambition with a pro-community attitude.

We are a group of filmmakers, writers, artists, photographers, actors, musicians, models, comedians, executives, representatives, lawyers, Filipinos and our supporters involved in entertainment and media. While we are Filipino based, membership is not limited to Filipinos; we welcome anyone who believes in our mission and supports what we do.


Contact: filamcreative@gmail.com

2017 Active Founders & Board of Directors

Walter Boholst
Rex Sampaga
Ed Mallillin

2017 Executive Board

President – Meriden Villanueva
Vice President & Treasurer – Walter Talens
Secrretary – Angela Paviera

2017 Administrative Department Directors

Online Press – Edwin Santos
Technology – Rodney Cajudo
Business Development – Arlyn Dela Pena

2017 Creative Department Directors

Filmmaking – Craig Wilson
Writing – Kaitlyn Fae
Digital Programming – Mara De La Rosa
Acting – Maurus Dumalaog



2016 Executive Management Team
President- Walter Talens
Vice President / Social Media Director- Edwin Santos
Head of Long Term Planning- Ed Mallillin
Content Producer- John Flores
Content Producer- Mark Owen


2015 Board of Directors
Ed Mallillin
Rex Sampaga
Walter Boholst

2015 Leadership Team
Melissa Arce (College Filipinos in Entertainment Panel)
Meriden Villanueva
Arlyn Sinsay (Dodgers Filipino Heritage Night)
Walter Talens (Headshot project, Faction Film Festival)
Edwin Santos (Actors Panel, Social Media, LAAPFF)
John Flores (FAC TV, Bidyo)
Mark Crespo (FAC TV, Bidyo)
2014 Board of Directors
Membership: Ed Mallillin, Meriden Villanueva
Secretary: Melissa Arce
Marketing: Rex Sampaga
Treasurer: Darlene Alcantara
Program Director: Arlyn Sinsay
Social Media: Walter Boholst

2013 Board of Directors
Ed Mallillin
Melissa Arce
Rex Sampaga
Darlene Alcantara
Arlyn Sinsay
Walter Boholst

2011-2012 Board of Directors
Walter Boholst
Ed Mallillin
Arlyn Sinsay

December, 2010 FAN-E adopted the name FilAm Creative


2010 Filipino American Network Entertainment Committee Contributors

Walter Boholst
Ed Mallillin
Arlyn Sinsay
Rolando Gotingco
Patrick Epino
Stephen Dypiangco
Winston Emano
Krizia Mendenilla
Krystal Menez
Jason Lopez
Rex Sampaga
AJ Calomay
Earl Baylon
Howard Cabalfin
Mitchel Dumlao
Walter Talens

Would you like to be a contributor to our blog page?

We need writers, photographers, graphic designers, hosts, camera people, social media marketers and anyone that wants to help. Build that resume, meet cool people and help your community!

Email us at filamcreative@gmail.com with your experience and area of interest and we’ll make it work.



Newsletter Subscription: filamcreative@gmail.com

Blog: filamcreative.org

Facebook Page: facebook.com/filamcreative

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/filamcreative

FB Filmmaker Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/166470930219785/

Twitter: @FilAmCreative 

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/filamcreative 

FAC Networks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-PlvtbFkO6dwCf5oseCmg

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/filamcreative/

SnapChat:  Filamcreative

LinkedIn: FilAm Creative Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4324469

Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/filamcreative


One thought on “ABOUT FAC

  1. Dear FilAm,

    Few years ago I pitched a short-form series to YOMYOMF (Justin Lin’s Youtube channel) called Straight No Chaser. One of the notes was the project needed an Asian presence. So I switched the 14 year old lead, Plato, from a Puerto Rican to a Filipino. Since then I changed the project from live action to animation. But animation in a raw style to complement the gritty and rusty subject matter. I kept Plato Filipino. It worked for me. Growing up in The Bronx tough guys came in all shades from Irish to Jordanian to Cambodian to Russian . It was the United Nations of bad-asses.

    Without chewing ya ear off any further, I wanted to share the pilot episode of SNC Animated Series with you guys:

    Hope you enjoy,

    Hanley Valentin

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