VIRTUAL KAMUSTA 2.0 this Sunday!

We’re back with a Virtual Kamusta! Come join us via Zoom to get together and catch up with fellow creatives!

Live as of Sun. 2pm PST/5pm EST 2/28/21. View here:

FilAm Creative is back with our Virtual Kamusta! Come meet FilAm’s Creatives board, learn more about us and network with fellow creatives. Unfortunately, COVID is still among us but we want to continue to strengthen our community and stay connected. What better way than to get together online and catch up!

There will be fun ice breakers, performers and even an open mic where you can showcase your talents! So tara na, join na!

How to sign up for our Open Mic:

Register for Virtual Kamusta 2.0 through here on Eventbrite

Fill out this google form:

Eligible acts include:

– Singing/acoustic performance

– Spoken Word/Poetry

– Stand up

– How to demos of awesome skills

…and more!

Sign up before the event: get up to a 5 minute slot.

During the event: 3 minutes total.

Remember: All acts are subject to FAC approval– which means if your act isn’t down with the FAC’s mission of inclusive creativity, don’t expect the mic.

How to join FAC’s Virtual Kamusta 2021 on

1) If you don’t have the app yet, prep yourself a few hours before the event and download App on your phone or on your computer.

For Mobile: Search Zoom in the App Store or Google Play store.

For Desktop: visit

2) Make sure your phone or laptop microphone and video is on and working

2) At 2pm on February 28, 2021: Click the “JOIN ZOOM MEETING” link sent to you

3) Enter “MEETING ID” that will be emailed

4) Enter “PASSWORD” that will be emailed

5) You will be taken into a “WAITING ROOM” and we will let you in from there

6) You will not see your beautiful face right away or hear yourself/anyone, we will turn both on when we have let you in the “MEETING ROOM”

7) On the bottom left of your screen, you can “mute/test sound” and turn your video camera on/off.

If you’re having trouble signing in to the event, please send us a direct message through Instagram @FilAmCreative or Facebook:

Code of conduct:

*** This is a family friendly event

*** We have the right to kick anyone out for being disrespectful

1) Want to be part of the conversation? Cross talk can be tricky over Zoom, so we ask that each person use “raise hand” function on the app and we will call out your name when you have the floor.

2) Mute yourself when not speaking.

3) Be kind and have fun!

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