Celebrating Womxn In Film

In celebration of Womens History Month, FilAm Creative presents:
“Celebrating Womxn In Film” panel

Maritte Go , “Rise” (writer/director)
Charlene deGuzman , “Unlovable” (actress/writer)
Ana Barredo , “The Year I Did Nothing” (writer/director)
Mallorie Ortega , “Nanay Ko” (writer/director)

Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 12 PM – 3 PM
Pilipino Workers Center (PWC)
153 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

Tickets $12 in advance (prices go up at the door). Buy now HERE

Meet these Four Filipina Filmmakers who have all recently completed Feature-length Films as either Writer, Director, Actor, Producer or all of the above. Whether their films are currently in post production, set to premiere, or have already premiered, you will get a chance to hear them share their stories about the inception and inspiration of their films and how they navigated through the ever-changing landscape of the film industry through it all. From pitching, to funding, to casting, to working with actors, leading a film crew into battle, all the way down to post-production and distribution of their films.

Roni Caniesoi
Senior Vice President of Operations for FilAm Creative

Charlene deGuzman

Charlene deGuzman was born and raised in San Jose, California. She spent her childhood as a competitive dancer, then moved to New York City to pursue magazine journalism. She quickly ended up back on stage, performing Off-Broadway and in the national tour of STOMP. Currently in Los Angeles, Charlene first garnered attention tweeting as @charstarlene on Twitter, and writing and starring in her own short films like “I Forgot My Phone,” which went viral and has over 50 million views. In 2016, with the help of indie hero Mark Duplass, she successfully crowdfunded her first feature film “Unlovable,” which she stars in with John Hawkes and Melissa Leo.


Maritte Go

Currently based in Los Angeles, with a masters in Film and TV from the University of Southern California, Maritte Go has worked on many projects in various roles, including indie hits Sleight and Flower. She is the Filipino American filmmaker behind 2018 HBO Visionaries finalist film Remittance, which was inspired by the experiences of her own family members.


Ana Barredo

Manila-born Ana Barredo has always been fascinated by Hollywood all her life. She often brags that she learned to speak English watching American TV shows growing up in the Philippines as a child. In 1986, she immigrated to the US with her family – a huge step closer to her lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker. In 2001, she wrote, directed and produced her first indie feature called A Real Job. Her $15K-budget movie went on to gain glowing reviews, a Best Director nomination for a 2003 DVD Premiere Award and most importantly, a distribution deal with Image Entertainment. She followed it up by her short The Plight of the Angelenos which screened in several film festivals such as the LA Shorts Festival, Moodance Film Festival and the Oxnard Film Festival. Barredo continued to work as a Special Features Producer for dozens of DVD releases including the Twilight Zone Definitive Collection, where she met Twilight Zone Companion author Marc Zicree.In 2009, Zicree invited her to a meeting of a group he started called the Table. Intrigued by this unique group, she decided to follow its members for a year. In 2011, she completed the documentary entitled The Table.


Mallorie Ortega

Mallorie Ortega is a director, writer, and producer, best known for directing rom-com musical short film Mango Sticky Rice. Mallorie is currently in post-production for her musical feature film called Nanay Ko. She gained the courage to take on this feature through her mentors in the Television Academy Foundation, where she shadowed directors from Jimmy Kimmel Live, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, and Hairspray Live.

Before turning to film and television, Mallorie was heavily involved in Producing, Stage Managing, Set Designing, and Projection Designing theatre productions. She was so involved that she probably should have failed her senior year of college. Somehow, she pulled it together and moved to Los Angeles to continue the craft of story telling. Her new obsession is lyric writing – a skill she got to develop while writing the songs of Nanay Ko. Though she’s enjoying the LA sun, she constantly craves fresh seafood and her mom’s home cooking in Maryland.

Chelsea Violet Javier


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