Meet Ellen D. Williams (FX’s “Baskets”) at 4th FilAm Creative Hollywood Actors Panel, June 9, 2018 at Pilipino Workers Center

FINAL 4th Actors Panel Ad

FilAm Creative (FAC) celebrates nine years of supporting the advancement of Filipino Americans in entertainment and media!

Created by event producer Edwin A. Santos, Saturday, June 9th will be our 4th Annual FilAm Creative Hollywood Actors Panel for Actors — a panel discussion and networking event featuring special guest panelists who represent the craft of acting across the board.

Hear the panelists discuss their explorations of the process and profession of acting; their reflections on personal experiences and artistic influences that informed and shaped their careers; their discussions of past and current projects and share valuable insights into the craft and the industry.  Get a chance to ask the panelists questions, learn about open opportunities, and build your network.

This year’s FAC Actors Panel will be moderated by YouTube comedienne Mary Grant.

Saturday, June 9, 2018 
From 2pm to 4pm 
153 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA. 90026  

* Located between Temple Street & Beverly Boulevard in the heart of Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles.  Street parking is available (watch for signs).



Facebook Event Page:

Use the hashtag, #FACactorspanel or#FACactorspanel4 and #FilAmCreative on all of your social media platforms for this event.


~ actress ~


Willams started performing at a very young age in regional theatre and landed her first professional role in a cult musical that was produced by well known producer Cameron Mackintosh, the London producer of such hits as Les Miserables, Cats, Miss Saigon, Phantom Of The Opera, Hamilton, just to name a few.

She received her B.A. in theatre performance from California State University, Long Beach. After college, she lived in Seattle for a number of years and performed throughout the city and traveled around the Northwest performing in an educational theatre troupe.

After returning to Los Angeles, she continued doing more theatre such as Ralph B. Peña’s evocative 1996 play Flipzoids starring Becca Godinez, and in 2009 was nominated “Leading Female Performance” for her work in Boni B. Alvarez’s dramedy, Ruby, Tragically Rotund by LA Weekly.

Currently seen as ‘Nicole’ on the critically raved Baskets starring Louie Anderson and Zach Galifianakis on FX.  The show is renewed for a fourth season with a series return premiere date in 2019.


Ellen D. Williams and Zack Galifianakis in FX’s BASKETS

But, she is best known as ‘Patrice,’ Robin Scherbatsky’s (Cobie Smulders) arch nemesis and co-worker on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother.


Follow Ellen D. Williams on Twitter:@EllenDWilliams and Like him on Facebook:


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