What Happened at the 3rd Annual FilAm Creative Halo Halo Headshots?

Executive Director Meriden Villanueva, Halo Halo Headshots’ Walter Talens with donors & crew

Last Sunday, July 23 was our 3rd annual Halo Halo Headshots, a program created by Walter Talens to bring affordable “Headshots” for actors starting out in the entertainment industry and bringing talented photographers from different fields of photography to share their skills. The program hopes to lower the barrier and encourage Filipino-Americans (or any person of color) to get their foot in the door of the industry and bring diversity to mainstream American film and television.

Ren Portrait 3HHH
Photographer Ren Arrieta

Photographer Ren Arrieta waiting for his talent to arrive during Halo Halo Headshots 2017.

Make-Up Artist Brenda Lisette

Make-up artist Brenda Lisette apply foundation to Vince Cruz in preparation for his headshot photo shoot at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

The photographers were James Gago, Kenneth Chan, Ren Arrieta, and Joel Layogan were such generous professionals as they shared their skills with the participants and Film Creative [link].

Rodney Cajudo assisted in making the event run smoothly.

Brenda Lisette, a professional, generous, supportive, and talented make up artist is a must have on set.  We can’t recommend her enough.

The Donors: For supporting Walter Talen’s vision, FilAm Creative, and the pursuit of giving the FilAm/Asian American representation in the entertainment industry.  May these new headshots help you all succeed.  Because we all rise together.

Behind-The-Scenes Photos by Walter Talens


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