What Happened at the 7th FilAm Creations Meeting & Potluck in July, 2017?

It was the Saturday of the 2017 San Diego Comic Con where most of our members stood in line just to enter Hall H, cosplayed as their favorite sci-fi or superhero characters and generally satisfied their thirsts of nerd fandom from every possible film, television show, graphic novel and online gaming of all genres!


Still, our 7th FilAm Creations meeting & potluck had a productive turnout.  Current members invited a friend to be part of our increasing network of Filipino American talent in Hollywood today.  Our members also did not come empty handed.

FilAm Creative’s Secretary Angela Paviera brought her delicious homemade pretzels…


…while FAC member Jimmy Valera brought his large and portable audio speaker to surround the networking party with music!

We were even treated to the strong song style of empowerment from guest speaker and Executive Director of Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California Aquilina Soriano-Versoza at the Los Angeles district of Historic Filipinotown.

Updates for tomorrow’s 3rd annual Halo Halo Headshots, the second wave of FilAm Creations’ short film initiative with a September 8th submission deadline to premiere at the 2nd annual Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival in October, the Writers Group’s submissions deadline of August 31st before its September meetup, the push for more original programming for our news & events YouTube channel, FAC Networks and other news were announced by Board of Director Walter Boholst, FilAm Creative Executive Director Meriden Villanueva, FilAm Creations curator Craig Wilson and their Team Leaders, Secretary Angela Paviera, Business Development Arlyn De La Pena and Director of Content Production Edwin Santos

FilAm Creative’s Executive Director Meriden Villanueva, FilAm Creations curator Craig Wilson, Secretary Angela Paviera, Business Development Arlyn De La Pena, Board of Director Walter Boholst and Director of Content Production Edwin Santos


After the formal announcements, new members were introduced by their friends to the entire group!


Meriden Villanueva, Craig Wilson and Angela Paviera


Do you want to be part of one of the fastest rising Filipino American organizations advocating Filipino representation in entertainment and media today?  Then join us next month!  At every 4th Saturday of the month except for November and December due to the holidays, we are at Pilipino Workers Center in Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles!

Get to know our active members, leadership team members and Board of Directors and come out to the next one to network!  Bring along a friend, too!  You don’t know who you’re going to meet and collab one day.  Don’t miss your chance opportunity to grow with FilAm Creative!

Photos & video by Gabe Pagtama


FilAm Creative (FAC) is an all volunteer community organization dedicated to the advancement of Filipino-Americans in entertainment and media.

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