FilAm Creative’s 3rd Annual Hollywood Actors Panel with Vincent Rodriguez III, Angela Relucio, Manny Jacinto and Aina Dumlao

2nd Edwin Picture for InterviewsSummary by Edwin A. Santos

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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3rd FilAm Creative Hollywood Actors Panel – June 24, 2017 at the Clubhouse

FilAm Creative presents FAC’s 3rd Hollywood Actors Panel for Actors & Networking Event — a panel discussion and networking event open to the public featuring special guest panelists representing the craft of acting across the board while shining a spotlight on Filipino American talent in Hollywood today.  You can watch the entire panel on video below or at FAC Networks on YouTube.  Subscribe for free here:

Watch our special guest panelists ~ VINCENT RODRIGUEZ III (The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), ANGELA RELUCIO (CBS’ Code Black, History’s Six), MANNY JACINTO (NBC’s The Good Place) and AINA DUMLAO (CBS’ MacGyver, HBO’s Ballers) ~ discuss their explorations of the process and profession of acting; their reflections on personal experiences and artistic influences that informed and shaped their careers; their discussions of past and current projects and share valuable insights into the craft and the industry.


Vincent Rodriguez III plays ‘Josh Chan’ on the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”


_DSC0050 (2)
Angela Relucio plays ‘Nurse Risa’ on CBS’s “Code Black”


Manny Jacinto plays ‘Jason Mendoza’ on NBC’s “The Good Place”


Aina Dumlao plays ‘Andi Lee’ on CBS’ “MacGyver”


This event is held specifically targeting Filipino American actors. There are 4 million Filipinos in the United States ~ the second largest ethnic group ~ yet, Filipinos are under-represented in film and television today. Why is that?

_DSC0158 (2)
#FACactorspanel producer Edwin A. Santos and FAC Executive Director Meriden Villanueva

2017 CREW:
Event Creator & Producer: Edwin A. Santos
Host & Moderator: Maurus Dumalaog
Camera, Lights & Editor: Rodney Cajudo
Sound: Charles Gray
: Sarnica Lim
Security: Ben Guppy and Drè James
Photography: Kuya Paul
Promos: Angela Paviera

_DSC0242 (2)
2017 #FACactorspanel guest panelists with FAC Board of Directors & Leadership Team

Special thanks to Atil Singh of Principal Entertainment LA (for Vincent Rodriguez III). Jesica Vu and our Executive Director Meriden Villanueva (for Manny Jacinto).

Sponsor 2017
Thanks to the Phlavor Profiles Podcast by Pig Parts and Beer for their donations. Pig Parts and Beer presents a new podcast Phlavor Profiles, a podcast hosted by Karena Higgins of Pig Parts and Beer Blog. Karena connects with Filipina and Filipino entrepreneurs, restauranteurs and innovators in today’s food spaces. Listen to their podcast at iTunes:…

Wood Sign CHI

Thanks to Charles Park (scheduler), Danny Cymbal (tech manager), Rian Kountzhouse (manager) and Rebecca Drysdale (owner) of The Clubhouse.

The panel discussion and Q&A was recorded at THE CLUBHOUSE in Los Angeles (Saturday, June 24, 2017).  For more information about their long form improv/musical improv/sketch comedy shows and classes at the Clubhouse, click here:

Below are photos from the 2017 event

And, so it begins…
Maurus Dumalaog introduces the 2017 #FACactorspanel guests
Maurus Dumalaog poses questions to the 2017 #FACactorspanel guests..
Maurus Dumalaog, Vincent Rodriguez III, Angela Relucio and Manny Jacinto
Vincent Rodriguez III and Angela Relucio
Manny Jacinto and Aina Dumlao
Audience Q&A
Manny Jacinto answers audience questions
Angela Relucio answers audience questions
Aina Dumlao answers audience questions
Vincent Rodriguez III answers audience questions


_DSC0281 (2)
Networking in the lobby of the Clubhouse
_DSC0273 (2)
Edwin A. Santos (Event Producer), Manny Jacinto, Aina Dumlao, Angela Relucio and Vincent Rodriguez III (Special Guest Panelists) and Maurus Dumalaog (Host & Moderator) close out FilAm Creative’s 3rd Hollywood Actors Panel & Networking Event at the Clubhouse on Saturday, June 24, 2017 in Los Angeles.

Photos by Kuya Paul Photography


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