What Happened at 3rd FilAm Creations’ Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017 Meetup?


It was a potluck party with almost more people than the previous two meetups!  With more than half of the FilAm Creations film teams at the post-production stage, it was time to celebrate as well as meet with each other for potential collabs on future projects after the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Abe Pagtama and Craig Wilson

FilAm Creations’ Festival Coordinator and Lolo Pepe filmmaker, Craig Wilson says “Every time we meet- we double in size.  I feel FilAm Creative’s “FilAm Creations” film collective caught lightening in a bottle and we have stepped up to answer a call. This is only two and a half months in.”


“What an amazing night! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came through! We keep doubling in size through each meet-up and I feel so blessed to be surrounded with so many passionate and talented creatives!   The time is now, we are starting a movement and we are creating OUR stories! Let’s continue to network, collaborate and uplift each other!  We can do this together!”  exclaimed FilAm Creative’s Executive Director Meriden Villanueva.


Announcements from Craig Wilson, Money Vang, Meriden Villanueva, Edwin A. Santos, Mara De La Rosa, Murphy Pham and FAC Board of Director, Rex Sampaga were made. All working on the next leg of the journey through the diversity barriers.

Current and new members of FilAm Creative and FilAm Creations were impressed with the turnout.  Seeing and meeting many other Filipino Americans working in some capacity in the entertainment industry is inspiring.  Where no one will ever ask again if he or she is the only Filipino in Hollywood?

     I’m so inspired by all of you and excited for what’s to come! It was great meeting and reconnecting. ~ Melanie Anne Padernal (actress)

     Great event last night. Loved the intros, a perfect way to hear from everyone. Keep hustlin’ and keep networking! ~ A.J. Calomay (assistant editor)

     It was a pleasure meeting many of you last night and hearing your stories. It’s empowering and inspiring to see a lot of talented and hungry artists especially in the Filipino American community! I look forward to seeing all of your work and am excited for the future! ~ Vince Cruz (filmmaker)

     Thank you all for the wonderful event! Always great to surround yourself with great energy and people. I love this group so much cause I feel that everyone has such a great spirit, we all love what we do and it really inspires one another. Happy to meet a lot of you in person finally, and looking forward to having more gatherings like this!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you! ~ Joy Ngiaw (composer)


“Congrats and so proud of FilAm Creative’s FilAm Creations project bringing 12 original filmmaking teams to their short film premieres at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 3. Our community is really experiencing a renaissance of a creative and empowerment movement and I couldn’t be more honored and proud to support the people involved. Keep your eyes open for more news and great films to come.” says Walter Boholst, Board of Director of FilAm Creative


Craig Wilson summarizes with this. “Without people forging a path, creating some relationships and letting everyone know that we exist- none of this is possible.  Put Hollywood on alert…we’re gonna make some noise this year.”

Photo Gallery by Antonio Maristela:

Cast & Crew of LOLO PEPE
Angel Qinan, Maurus Dumalaog, Arlyn Dela Pena and John Cruz
Murphy Pham and Cat Limket


Nicholas Pilapil, Kaitlyn Fae and Mara De La Rosa 


FilAm Creative (FAC) is an all volunteer community organization dedicated to the advancement of Filipino-Americans in entertainment and media.

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