What Happened at 2nd FilAm Creations’ Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017 Meetup?

What happened at the 2nd FilAm Creations’ Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Meetup?

Well, this!  


We doubled our size since the first FAC / LAAPFF Meetup on January 12 [link].

The first meetup by FilAm Creative (FAC) spawned six and later, ten production teams to produce ten short films to premiere and fill a program block at this year’s 33rd annual LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (April 27 – May 3).  The overwhelming interest gave birth to FilAm Creations.  The conversation continued at our official Facebook group.

Word spread fast — not only in the Filipino American community in Los Angeles, but towards our neighbors in San Diego and from both sides of the globe.  Across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe to across the Pacific Ocean towards the Philippines.

Word also hit inside the Hollywood entertainment industry; attracting those in the professional world into the fold at Story Tavern in Burbank, CA.  At the second meetup on February 6th, the production teams has grown to a total of fifteen as both aficionados and professionals alike were assembled together with one common goal.

Everyone involved are shooting fifteen new short films thru FilAm Creations to premiere at LAAPFF 2017.  The current fifteen team leaders / filmmakers are Craig Wilson
, Rommel Andaya, 
Cassandra Pimentel, 
Dave Cosa Wilwayco
, Angela Paviera, 
Vince Cruz, 
Gabe Pagtama, 
Meriden Villanueva
, Joe Gunawan
, Mara De La Rosa
, Danice Maxine
, Money Vang, Daniel Lee, 
Kaitlyn Fae Fajilan
 and Sheila Tejada.

While others are submitting feature film scripts to ABS-CBN’s Cinemagrapho Originals contest for a chance to win $100k seed money.

FilAm Creative’s Executive Director Meriden Villanueva spoke about the turnout.  “Thank you for everyone who came out tonight!  I’m so inspired to be surrounded with so many talented individuals!  We are growing so fast!  Looking forward to all the short films we are creating together with our initiative, FilAm Creations!”

FAC’s Executive Director Meriden Villanueva

“There’s a Filipino/FilAm creative movement starting..” responds FilAm Creations’ Festival Coordinator Craig Wilson.

“It started as an off handed comment from FilAm Creative Board of Director Walter Boholst about programming a few hours at LAAPFF 2017 through FAC.  One puzzle piece collided with another, my film festival background came up and waved at me, my community mind set rambled on and on about the virtues of building together, my drive, my ambition, my goals – all of it happened one sleepless night.  So, I wrote a pitch, emailed it off to Meriden Villanueva and a phone call later it started.”

FilAm Creations’ Festival Coordinator Craig WIlson

After a small dinner and a pre-networking opportunity, Villanueva asked each production team leader to individually introduce himself / herself, provide a synopsis of their film and inform everyone what they need and what key crew positions are needed to fill.  Below are some of the team leaders.

Filmmaker Cassandra Pimental
Filmmaker Angela Paviera
Filmmaker Daniel Lee
Filmmaker Gabe Pagtama
Filmmaker Dave Cosa Wilwayco

Wilson adds, “We’re two months in from the phrase that was uttered many times by a few key people, “Yes, I’ll do it.” And you can feel the energy from here.

Ricky Carranza
Homer Dulu, Ricky Carranza and Rodney Cajudo



Lance Heruela
Justin Molina
Maurus Dumalaog
Angel Qinan
Glen Fernandez
Kyle Blakney and Kathleen Neubauer
Kathleen Neubauer
Angelo Baetiong
Sarnica Lim



Henry Mark
Mara De La Rosa (right)
Tony Garbanzos


Murphy Pham
Daniel Lee and Vince Cruz


Then, the three special announcements from LAAPFF, ABS-CBN and the Cinematografo Originals contest were made for only members of FilAm Creations can take advantage of!  Everyone were happy to hear!

What we can reveal are these.  Rough Cut #1: Due February 27th (On LAAPFF Print Calendar/Website/Program) or, Rough Cut #2: March 26th (To be in the LAAPFF Program- only) – both submitted to Craig Wilson.





The meetup ends and the networking begins!

Vince Cruz and Craig Wilson
Erik Mark and Jeremy Balagtas
Walter Boholst, Joy Ngiaw and Money Vang

Wilson ends it with, “Tonight we expected 25, we got 45. We’re growing…”

We will update you, our readers, about FilAm Creations going forward.


Written by Edwin Santos (02/13/17)

Photos by Walter Boholst (02/06/17)


FilAm Creative (FAC) is an all volunteer community organization dedicated to the advancement of Filipino-Americans in entertainment and media.

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