The Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival, October 7-9, 2016

FilAm Creative (FAC) is a Community Sponsor for the 1st Annual Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival (LAPIFF) from October 7-9, 2016 at Cinemark X D Theaters inside the South Bay Pavilion located at 20700 South Avalon Blvd #285 in Carson, California 90746. Screenings will start from 10:00am to 12:00am midnight.

We are also proud to have our own FAC members with works in the festival as well.



LAPIFF is an organization devoted to the advancement, development and showcase of Filipino Filmmakers / Artists around the world through film, providing the global community of entertainment professionals and filmgoers with consistent annual screening events and workshops. LAPIFF provides charitable scholarships and a forum where Filipino Filmmakers / Artists can be recognized for their gifts, have open discussions about their movies and connect with industry professionals for understanding on production, representation, acquisition and distribution.


THEATER #12 – 10:30am PROGRAM #1 for FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2016 — Tickets:

• THEY CALL US MAIDS (short film, United Kingdom) – an animated film from Leeds Animation Workshop showing the plight of migrant domestic workers.  Below is a clip:

• I WON’T MISS YOU (short film, U.S.A.) –Just another romantic comedy about a girl and her dead best friend.  Directed by Bernard Badion and starring FAC member Joy Regullano and Kelly Sry.  Trailer below.

• BALIK (feature film – Philippines) –Ruth is an orphan without much of a history. When she moves to the city to help her uncle take care of her sickly aunt, she realizes her mother may still be alive. Her search unravels a twisted family history of murder, incest and betrayal. Written, directed and produced by Alexander Cruz.  Trailer below.


THEATER #12 – 1:30pm PROGRAM #2 for FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2016 —  Tickets:

SUKAT (documentary film – Philippines) – Directed by Jae-re Louise Liwanag. Trailer below.

MITATANG (animation film – Philippines) – Directed by Arvin Jezer Gagui.  Trailer below.

TANDEM (feature film – Philippines) – In the traffic laden streets of Metro Manila, two brothers use the chaos of the city roads as a smokescreen for their shady occupation — tandem robbers on motorbike. But when a robbery goes sour, the brothers are forced to graduate from low level thieves to high profile hit men in an act that tests both their resolve and their relationship.  Directed by King Palisoc and starring JM De Guzman.  Trailer below.


THEATER #13 – 6:00pm PROGRAM #3 for FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2016 —  Tickets:

WAWA (short film – Philippines) – Based on the Jataka Tales: The Sandy Road.
Directed by Butch Anthony Domingo. No trailer available.

SEJOUR (short film – Philippines) –The film gently leads viewers to face the dark and hopeful answers of universal questions that make every human equal.  Directed by Christian Lat.  Trailer below.

• THE ROAD (GALA NIGHT – GMA FILMS – feature film – Philippines) – A 12 year old cold case is re-opened when three teens are missing in an old abandoned road where a gruesome murder is left undiscovered for three decades.  Directed by Yam Laranas.  Trailer below.


THEATER #13 – 7:50pm PROGRAM #4 for FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2016 — Tickets:  

• NILALANG (feature film – Philippines) –Nilalang tackles the underbelly of corrupt Philippine cops with the Japanese ‘Yakuza’ and its links to a centuries’ old curse that may be responsible for the spate of serial killings happening in Manila. Directed by Pedring Lopez.  Starring Cesar Montano and Maria Ozawa.  Trailer below.


THE LOS ANGELES PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT PARTY will take place from 7:50pm until 9:00pm on Friday, October 7, 2016 at the South Bay Pavilion Mall Center Court. Come party, mix, mingle and network at the official opening night party of LAPIFF!  Purchase tickets to attend this event here: 


THEATER #12 – 10:30am PROGRAM #5 for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 —  Tickets:

• MANANG (animated film – Philippines) – tells the story of a boy who uses himself as a bait to capture a Filipino creature, Manananggal, who was revealed to be his older sister.  Directed by Vince Serrano.  No trailer available.

• WE CALL HER YOLANDA (documentary film – U.S.A.) – Told from the survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda.  Two years of returning to an area that was completely destroyed to see the people renew and move on.  Directed by Anthony Bari Jr.  Trailer below.


THEATER #12 – 12:55pm PROGRAM #6 for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 — Tickets:  

• JOSE RIZAL (GMA FILMS – SPECIAL SCREENING – feature film – Philippines) –a 1998 Filipino biographical film of the Filipino national hero José Rizal. Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya and starring Cesar Montano as José Rizal.  At the time of its release, it was the most expensive film in the history of Filipino cinema with a budget of over ₱ 80 million. The film was an official entry to the 1998 Metro Manila Film Festival. Upon release, the film met universal critical acclaim.  Trailer below.


THEATER #12 – 4:00pm PROGRAM #7 for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 —  FREE


Fe Koons, one of the founding members will present the LAPIFF awards for Best Feature Picture, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Audience Film. 


THEATER #13 – 5:00pm PROGRAM #8 for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 —  Tickets:

• JULIE (short film – Philippines) – a gay man will learn the hard way that something seemingly trivial could lead to something almost catastrophic.  Directed by Clanch Belleza and starring Albert Chan Paran.  No trailer available.

• STAR NA SI VAN DAMME STALLONE (feature film – Philippines) – a life story of a kid diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He dreams of being an artist while his family has to make ends (and dreams) meet.  Directed by Randolph Longjas.  Trailer below.


THEATER #13 – 7:40pm PROGRAM #9 for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 —  Tickets:

• SPOUSE SWITCH (short film – U.S.A.) – Two couples participate in a reality TV show where they swap spouses, but one of the couples doesn’t want to swap back.  Directed by Alison Kohlhardt and starring Rachanee Lumayno. No trailer available.

• THE HEAD THIEVES (feature film – U.S.A.) – Three brothers develop an elaborate plan to recover stolen cash and go on the run.  Directed by Mike Hermosa and starring Dante Basco. Trailer below.

NOTE:  Check out our FILIPINO AMERICAN HALL OF FAME Tribute to Dante Basco here:


THEATER #13 – 10:15pm PROGRAM #10 for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 — Tickets:  

• VAMPARIAH (feature film – U.S.A.) – Mahal is a young hunter on a quest to find the killer of her parents amid a war between cryptic hunters and the undead. When she confronts the killer, an aswang (self-segmenting Vampire from the Philippines), she is forced to question who and what she is.  Directed by Matthew Abaya and starring Kelly Lou Dennis and Aureen Almario. Trailer below.


NOTE: Based on the 2004 short film, Bampinay.  The short was featured here on FAC’s Halo-Haloween Series in 2014:

Saturday Night Party at iDance Studios located at 21803 Avalon Blvd in Carson, California 90745 from Midnight until 2:00am.


THEATER #12 – 10:15am PROGRAM #11 for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 — FREE!

• GOT IT MADE (short film – U.S.A.) – When her son presents her with an opportunity to sing again, Mila, a hardworking, underprivileged Filipina maid, must decide if she is willing to chase after her dream and leave the life she has grown accustomed to.  Directed by Shawn-Noel Semana and starring Katherine Olmedo and Mitchell Gregorio. Trailer below.  FREE SCREENING

• CORAL GARDENING (documentary film – Germany) – follows Anuar Abdullah, the founder of Ocean Quest Malaysia and ADEX Coral Reef Ambassador 2014/2015 in his approach to make coral conservation easy, enjoyable and educational with his by UNESCO endorsed Coral Propagation Program. Due to environmental changes, human activities and natural threats coral reefs in South East Asia are at risk. The coral reefs are a life bearing and giving environment and are essential for the oceans life cycle and for local communities.  Directed by Silke de Vos. Trailer below. FREE SCREENING


THEATER #12 – 12:05pm PROGRAM #12 for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 —  Tickets:

• END OF FALL (feature film – U.S.A.) – Faced with losing his daughter, a widower attempts to hide a runaway boy, only to come face to face with his darkest ambitions for revenge.  Directed by Joselito Seldera. Trailer below.


THEATER #12 – 2:30pm PROGRAM #13 for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 —  Tickets:

• IADYA MO KAMI (feature film – Philippines) – Father Greg, a diocesan priest, is reassigned to a parish up in the mountains. His relationship with a young woman named Carla, has produced a child. He meets the parish priest, Father Alejo, an old friend who is addicted to drinking. During a healing Mass, Father Greg is introduced to the town’s powerful couple, Julian and Millett who strike a friendship with the new priest. One night, Father Greg discovers the lifeless body of Julian in the church premises.  He embarks on a mission to help solve the crime, a mission which leads him to the discovery of his own personal salvation.  Directed by Mel Chionglo and starring Eddie Garcia, Aiko Melendez and Ricky Davao. Trailer below.


THEATER #13 – 5:00pm PROGRAM #14 for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 — Tickets:

• HONOR THY FATHER (feature film – Philippines) – an immorality tale about a father who sheds the skin of civility he has dressed himself in when his savings are lost in his in-law’s pyramid scheme, his family is besieged by mob violence, and his daughter is kidnapped by creditors. With no hope of sanctuary from an uncharitable church, he returns to the violent criminality of his former life.  Directed by Eric Matti and starring John Lloyd Cruz. Trailer below.


THEATER #13 – 7:30pm PROGRAM #15 for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 — Tickets:

• ARI: MY LIFE WITH A KING (feature film – Philippines) – a story of a Kapampangan youth who doesn’t know or want to speak in Kapampangan, until he runs into a compelling but weird character known as the king of Kapampangan poets.  Directed by Carlo Enciso Catu. Trailer below.


THEATER #13 – 9:25pm PROGRAM #16 for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 — Tickets:

• DUKOT (feature film – Philippines) – Carlos sacrifices his freedom for the sake of his sister.  Directed by Paul Soriano and starring Ricky Davao, Shaina Magdayao, Bing Pimentel, Ping Medina, Alex Medina, Bangs Garcia, Dino Pastrano, and Christopher de Leon. Trailer below.



2016 LAPIFF includes the Founder and Chairman of LAPIFF Abe Pagtama, the Chair of the LAPIFF Screening Committee Winston Emano and members of the LAPIFF Committee are Janice Villarosa, Marie Jamora, Oliver Carnay, Walter Boholst, David Maquiling and Anthony Buncio.  Fe Koons, one of the founding members will present the LAPIFF awards for Best Feature Picture, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Audience Film.

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