Hollywood Actors Panel, June 4, 2016 – Meet Talent Manager, Phil Brock (Founder of Studio Talent Group)


FilAm Creative (FAC) celebrates seven years of supporting the advancement of Filipino Americans in entertainment and media!

Saturday, June 4th will be our 2nd Annual FAC Hollywood Actors Panel for Actors — a panel discussion and networking event featuring special guest panelists who represent the craft of acting across the board.

Hear the panelists discuss about their explorations of the process and profession of acting; their reflections on personal experiences and artistic influences that informed and shaped their careers; their discussions of past and current projects and share valuable insights into the craft and the industry.  Get a chance to ask the panelists questions, learn about open opportunities, and build your network.

Saturday, June 4, 2016 
From 12pm to 2pm
1607 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90027  

Wood Sign CHI

* Between Hollywood & Sunset, inside and next door, right of Jons Marketplace.  Free parking available inside the Jons Marketplace parking lot and street parking is available (watch for signs).  The Vermont / Sunset Red Line Metro Station is located nearby.

FREE ADMISSION but, donations are welcome.  

SEATING IS LIMITED.  To reserve a seat(s) for you and your friends, you must RSVP at filamcreative@gmail.com to get on the list before we reach full capacity.  You do not need to be Filipino or a FAC member to attend our event.  

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1538835683086713/

Use the hashtag, #FACactorspanel or #FACactorspanel2 on all of your social media platforms for this event.



~ talent manager ~


Years of teaching (history, English, psychology), coaching (baseball, football and as an athletic director) and performing (on stage and screen since he was 13) has prepared Phil Brock to manage his clients with Studio Talent Group.

Phil received his BA in History/ Kinesiology from UCLA and he obtained his M.Ed & teaching credential at Loyola Marymount University.  During the continuing evolution of his career he found himself assisting one of his students who wished to begin an acting career. Through an accidental twist of fate Phil founded Studio Talent Group (STG) in 1994.

Studio Talent Group (STG) is an innovative hybrid, blending the services of a licensed California Talent Agent with the personal touch of management.  Phil and his staff provide the highest caliber of Talent Management combining his teaching/coaching experience in creating his management style. He teaches his actors that their ability to sell themselves generates the jobs that they need to showcase their talent. From his years as an actor, Phil can see the entertainment world from the actor’s side of the casting desk and can pinpoint the areas in which each actor needs to develop.

Phil is a proud cardholder in two acting guilds and is a voting member of the Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences.  He is a past President of the Talent Managers Association and is now a member of the National Conference Of Personal Managers. Through these organizations, seasoned managers work to impart a high degree of ethics and skill to those who are new to the profession.

Phil believes deeply in the concept of “giving back” and is involved in the Boys and Girls Club Of Santa Monica Council, is Chair of the Recreation & Parks Commission for The City Of Santa Monica, a Past President of the California Parks Board, is President of his high school alumni association and is the Vice President of the Santa Monica Kiwanis. A devoted Bruin, Phil has been a UCLA Spring Sing honorary judge,an entertainment and career night UCLA honored guest, and is highly active on behalf of children in many Los Angeles area charities.

As a UCLA graduate, Phil has a copy of Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid Of Success on the wall in the STG lobby. The ideals that Coach Wooden stressed to his athletes are equally important to each and every actor every day. Wooden stated, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Although as an actor, one is not totally in control of other people’s perceptions of your work, you can and must control your personal satisfaction with the work that you do. You must be certain at the end of each day that you did everything that you could to achieve your best. Phil Brock encourages each actor to show initiative, enthusiasm, poise and confidence, to help develop their skills each and every day, and to find ways to help within their communities outside of the acting world. The Commitment of Phil Brock and the STG staff is to guide their clients in reaching the highest level of competitive greatness that they can obtain in the acting profession.


Follow Phil Brock on Twitter: @stgactor


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