Meet The 2016 FAC Officers: John Flores, Content Producer

JOHN FLORES, Content Producer of FilAm Creative (2016)



John Flores is an accomplished film and video producer. He has produced three no-budget independent features, one of which he screened in a “four-wall” distribution in theaters around Los Angeles, and several short films.


John is currently a lead QC Operator at Point.360, a post-production company whose clients include Disney, HBO, Google, and Netflix. He has also worked for E! Entertainment and Yahoo!


John is a graduate from the University of Florida in Telecommunications, and formerly worked as a newscast director at WCJB-TV20 in Gainesville, Florida.


John has become passionate about developing and producing content for online platforms. (  
John Flores, Edwin Santos. Walter Boholst and Mark Crespo
As a content producer for FAC Networks, especially Bidyo, his goal is to showcase programming with a Filipino-American voice for a broader audience, and to help build a stronger presence for FAC online. (


Let’s all take the time to welcome John Flores and show your support.

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