Halo-Haloween pt. 15: VP foreign trailer, voodoo research, short story by Natasia Gascon, Blood Ransom, Anne Curtis, Grave Bandits

From Oct. 17 to Oct. 31 FilAm Creative will be celebrating all things Filipino and horror. Halo-Haloween is hosted and programmed by FilAm director Walter Boholst and his new horror film “Voodoo Possession.” Contributions by Natasia Gascon and Mark Owen. This is the final installment. You can check out parts 1-14 at FilAmcreative.org.

Voodoo Possession is now out in the UK and Germany. Check out the UK trailer here.

Writer/director Walter Boholst talks about his extensive voodoo research when writing the film.

Blood Ransom


Filipino born director Francis Dela Tore (“Subject: I Love You”) releases his new movie in U.S. on Halloween 2014. This is the first American movie for huge Filipino star Anne Curtis and also stars FilAm Darion Basco.

When JEREMIAH is caught in the middle of an ill-fated plot to kidnap CRYSTAL, his boss ROMAN’S beautiful young girlfriend, ROMAN unleashes the psychopath, BILL, to hunt Jeremiah down. But when Crystal refuses Jeremiah’s offer to return her to Roman, Jeremiah and Crystal begin a dangerous love affair on the run. And with every hour they’re together, a darker deeper secret burns within Crystal—something even more sinister than the killer who is after them.
Blood Ransom opens in Philippine cinemas on Oct 29 and in North America on Oct 31, 2014


Blood Ransom trailer


Anne Curtis interview at the Blood Ransom premiere

Here’s an interview with director Francis dela Torre at the World Premiere of Subject I Love You where he talks a little about his Filipino upbringing.
“I’m a believer — (the production) are believers — in The Philippines and we specifically sought to make the film back home,” said writer/director dela Torre. “The setting may be localized but, there is no mistaking that the story and the film is universal in scope.”

Little Baby Bona Jane
A short story by: Natasia Gascon

I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old when my mom’s friend Tita Fellie had her girl Bona Jane, the cutest baby ever with beady black eyes and the softest, chubbiest cheeks. She was a quiet babe who rarely cried, and cooed every time I would tickle her tiny toes. I always looked forward to going over to Tita’s house to play with little Bona Jane as the grownup women played mahjong or gossiped over their quilting circle.

On this particular day, mommy told me that Bona Jane had come down with a fever. “Don’t play with her,” she warned me. “Just let her rest.” When we arrived at Tita’s house, I went immediately to find Bona Jane while mom went to the kitchen to drop off the plate of pancit and chat with Tita Fellie about the latest neighborhood gossip. I found her in the living room, sleeping quite peacefully in a hanging infant swing that rocked back-and-forth over a huge sharpened machete that lay on the carpet right underneath Bona Jane.

I stood there in compete shock, wondering who on earth would place a machete underneath a sleeping baby. Before I could decide whether or not to run to find an adult, Bona Jane’s father Tito Mano came in.

“It is to protect her from evil spirits.” He explained. “Last night Bona Jane was crying very loud, so your Tita Fellie went to check on her in the nursery. That is when she saw the evil spirit. It was like a huge black bird with a long neck and beak sitting on the crib, breathing its foul breath onto little Bona Jane.”

“Fellie screamed, and I grabbed the machete from underneath our bed and ran to the nursery. I was scared but I needed to save her. I raised the machete and said ‘Lord Jesus vanquish this devil and save my daughter.’ Fellie began to chant the Lord’s prayer, and the spirit shrieked and vanished.”

“Bona Jane did not stop crying and we realized she was sick. We took her to church the next morning and the priest blessed her. Immediately she became quiet and went to sleep. The priest also blessed the machete and now it’s there to protect her if the evil spirit returns.”

Little baby Bona Jane recovered from her fever soon afterwards, and is now a beautiful young woman. All these years later she still sleeps with that machete underneath her bed, and the evil spirit has never bothered her since.

Zombie Island aka Grave Bandits
This super fun little film shot on a shoe string by FilAm director T.A. Acierto and Philippine producer Vanessa Ulgado is an action-packed horror comedy that’s a lot more fun than you might think. The make-up is believable, the humor is funny, the cinematography is expert and the action sequences are unexpectedly lengthy and involving. Definitely worth checking out.

Romy and Peewee are teenage orphans with an unusual job – they loot the cemeteries and steal precious belongings from the dead. The villagers fed up with their disrespect for the dead offer a hefty reward for their capture. Desperate to flee town, the two sail off to a desolate island only to encounter a greater foe — a swarm of zombie pirates. The pirates were originally hired by an American scientist, William Seabrook, to kidnap the descendents of the island’s natives to help him read ancient scripture and find a mysterious meteorite. With their greedy nature, the pirates stole the meteorite from Seabrook thinking it was something of value. That is, until they were all infected by the contagious alien virus inside the meteorite. Romy and Peewee, along with the only survivor of the descendents, are now trapped on the island full of flesh-eating zombie pirates! They must use their wits to battle the zombies and find a way off the zombie island alive.



That concludes Halo-Haloween 2014! It’s been a lot of fun discovering more about Filipinos in horror and sharing it with you. I hope you discovered some new things as well to enjoy. Please check out Voodoo Possession and let us know what you think. Information on FilAm Creative and Voodoo Possession is below.

Thanks for having me and Happy Halloween!

Walter Boholst
writer/director/producer “Voodoo Possession”

Now available on U.S., UK and German home video. Order now at Wal-Mart, Redbox, Amazon iTunes, Amazon Prime, Dish, Vudu, Xbox, Sony Playstation, Youtube and other home entertainment outlets. Now available in Germany and the UK. International releases including Middle East and Latin America coming soon in 2014 and 2015.

“It progresses to a brilliant and a more than thrilling climax. From all the movies made on voodoo practices, this one tops the list.” – Yaabot

“There’s actually quite a bit more going on here than you might expect, and the end result is a surprisingly strong mix of horror and drama that does quite well. There will be some noteworthy twists here, well worth trying out, and this is one horror movie that’s going to actually put a challenge or two to the viewer.”

“Dark, creepy, and occasionally exciting: that’s the combination of factors going into “Voodoo Possession,” a brisk horror romp that will take some of its viewers by surprise. It’s got a lot going for it, and the end result will do pretty well indeed.” – Technology Tell

“This horror film is really more about a fucked up family than about voodoo, with elements of sexual abuse, murder, dissecting corpses, alcohol abuse and of course suicide. And in that way it’s quite a bit different from other horror films….Consider it a midnight movie, to watch with a bucket of popcorn, some friends and quite a bit of alcohol.”
– Wellington Daily News

“I really enjoyed this movie and the twist in the movie on what is really going on is good. If you are a movie lover and love horror movies you will enjoy this. It will make you wonder what is real and what fantasy is. I had to cuddle close to my husband as I got scared watching this.” – Missy’s Product Reviews

“Bottom line is, Voodoo Possession is a pretty cool journey into the dark world of voodoo…entertaining and a good old school style horror movie.” – Alien Bee

“Overall, this film, by director Walter Boholst, is a solid voodoo horror which keeps us in a feeling of isolation from the outside world. Once the characters get to Haiti, they are swallowed up by the madness and evil around. The nice thing is that we are too.” – SINFUL CELLULOID

“This film managed to actually capture what voodoo really is about and how voodoo spirits tend to use a person’s shortcomings and fears and traumatic memories against them. It did a really good job presenting voodoo as something that is not completely separate from this world, something that is connected to this world. Just in a different realm of it. To me that is scarier than if they did just freaky Grudge-like images.

This is just a great film all the way around. I highly recommend it. I think if you give a chance, particularly if you’re into spiritual horror, this one is gonna blow you away and I really really recommend it. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is the best voodoo film since Serpent and the Rainbow. Really really you should check this one out. One that I will watch again and again.” – B-IS FOR BEST MOVIE REVIEWS AND MORE

“This film is worth watching as it definitely sucks the audience in.” – Cryptic Rock


FilAm Creative is an all-volunteer community organization supporting Filipino Americans in entertainment and media. More information can be found at filamcreative.org, facebook.com/filamcreative and on Twitter at @FilAmCreative. Subscribe to the newsletter at filamcreative@gmail.com.

Voodoo Possession is available at Redbox, Walmart, Amazon.com, Dish, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox, Sony & YouTube and other outlets. Starring Danny Trejo, Ryan Caltagirone, Kerry Knuppe, David Thomas Jenkins, Treva Etiene, Tomas Boykin.

“Voodoo Possession” is a Rough Riders, Front Row Media, B2FX and Waltertainment production based in Los Angeles, CA. Additional information can be found at the official movie website voodoopossession.com, facebook.com/thisplaceiscursed, http://instagram.com/avoodoopossession and on twitter at @voodoomovie. The website includes stills, credits and a movie trailer.

Walter Boholst can be found at facebook.com/itswalterb and waltertainment.com.


If you would like more information about “Voodoo Possession,” or to schedule an interview with Walter Boholst contact info@waltertainment.com.

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