Halo-Haloween pt. 12: Voodoo costume design, Abe on complex plot, Debosyon, Kapuso Mo, Hide and Seek short

From Oct. 17 to Oct. 31 FilAm Creative will be celebrating all things Filipino and horror. Halo-Haloween is hosted and programmed by FilAm director Walter Boholst and his new horror film “Voodoo Possession.” Contributions by Natasia Gascon and Mark Owen.

Costume designer Anna-Lloyd Jones talks voodoo priest costumes.

Abe Spigner (as Duane Dubois) talks about the Inception-like plot and hiding from bad guys.

A Bikolano devotee of Ina, Virgin of Peñafrancia, Patroness of Bikolandia, will find himself lost in the middle of the forest. He will get injured and will fall unconscious. When he wakes up in the middle of the forest, it is already night. Then he hears a woman singing in the forest. He follows the voice. He meets this mysterious girl singing in the forest in the middle of the night. The girl takes care of the devotee’s injury. She nurses him to health in the forest. This is the love story of Maria Makiling, Daragang Magayon, and other goddesses of Philippine folklore falling in love with injured and lost young men in the forest. We can’t give away any twists but it does get weird and spooky.

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho GABI NG LAGIM

FilAm composer Jonathan Wandag composed the music for this short “Hide and Seek.” On a sunny and beautiful day at the park, two kids play hide and seek. But she learns quickly, you can’t hide forever.

Johnathan Wandag


FilAm Creative is an all-volunteer community organization supporting Filipino Americans in entertainment and media. More information can be found at filamcreative.org, facebook.com/filamcreative and on Twitter at @FilAmCreative.

Voodoo Possession is available at Redbox, Walmart, Amazon.com, Dish, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox, Sony & YouTube and other outlets. Starring Danny Trejo, Ryan Caltagirone, Kerry Knuppe, David Thomas Jenkins, Treva Etiene, Tomas Boykin.

“Voodoo Possession” is a Rough Riders, Front Row Media, B2FX and Waltertainment production based in Los Angeles, CA. Additional information can be found at the official movie website voodoopossession.com, facebook.com/thisplaceiscursed, http://instagram.com/avoodoopossession and on twitter at @voodoomovie. The website includes stills, credits and a movie trailer.

Walter Boholst can be found at facebook.com/itswalterb and waltertainment.com.


If you would like more information about “Voodoo Possession,” or to schedule an interview with Walter Boholst contact info@waltertainment.com.

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