LET’S WORK TOGETHER: Making money on your own terms

The FAC blog has been taken over for 3 days by member Mitchel Dumlao’s cool new travel app, My City. If you feel it’s worthy, vote for it at LA2050.

LET’S WORK TOGETHER: Making money on your own terms

Traveling around New York can be an exhilarating and expensive experience. Utilizing the Subway system helps ease the abuse on your wallet and gives you an authentic New York experience. Although, summer can make the journey extremely grueling, especially when you’re towing luggage behind you. Fresh in town, I decided to use Uber to take me to my destination. With the push of a button, you can summon a driver within minutes, like a magic lamp with Siri as your genie. I hop in and am delighted to be greeted by a cool driver. He’s blasting Hip Hop from the stereo and he gives me a quick history lesson of NY – my own personal tour guide. Our conversation eventually led to his time with Uber, which is usually how every Uber conversation goes. He tells me that he loves it and that he actually quit his job to do Uber full time. We talk about how amazing it is that people can sign up for free, get paid to drive their own car, work on their own schedule, and not have to deal with nagging bosses. What’s even more incredible is the seamless transfer of funds between drivers and customers, with most of the payment going towards the driver. Transferring money between regular, working people who need the work and need a ride. This fascinated both of us and made me appreciate the amazing time we’re living in – we have the resources at our fingertips to make money on our own time.

My fascination took me to the internet and led me to several articles about the concept of micro-entrepreneurship. Apps like Uber, and AirBnB are providing ways for people to make money on their own time, supplementing their existing incomes or even turning into full time employment. It reminded me of the old days where people would trade their services for money without having to work under a corporation. People were their own businesses, bartering their skills and value between each other, creating a system where money would transfer directly into their pockets. I feel that this is how struggling communities can rise out of poverty. Supporting local businesses, which in turn would hire locals who’d use their salary to buy goods and services from these companies, creating a sustainable and positive cycle.

With MY CITY, people can offer their services and transfer money seamlessly. Tour specialists can drive travellers around town, and also offer their houses for lodging – linking their Uber and AirBnB accounts so the transition to the app is easy. Imagine having your own bed and breakfast for tourists who want an easy travel experience. For $500, you can stay at my house, I’ll drive you to all the best spots around town, and provide you meals. Not only can I make money on the side, but also get to show people around the city I love and potentially make some new friends. Users and travellers can create long lasting relationships, provide for each other’s needs, and also support local businesses. The world is changing and so are the economics. With the mobile and digital wave sweeping across the globe, why not make some money from the movement and not be tied to a someone else’s control. Be your own boss and support others who need help, we can definitely live better lives when we work together.

If you’re interested in the MY CITY mobile app, please vote for us at LA2050 connect and help us win a grant to take our project to the next level. Click on this link and vote, and please feel free to share with your family and friends. Everyone wants to travel, so let’s make it easy and social!

VIDEO: My City LA2050 Video Pitch

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