REP YOUR CITY: My town rules

The FAC blog is taken over for 3 days by Mitchel Dumlao’s cool new travel app, My City:

REP YOUR CITY: My town rules

Standing under the hot sun in Van Nuys, I cringe when my mechanic tells me the verdict on my car – it’s f*cked. Bummed, I shake his hand and leave my car in his possession, hoping for a quick fix. Jumping out of my Uber, I walk to my front door when my phone rings. It’s an unknown number with a plus sign – an international call. I answer to find a very old friend from France who’s in town for the next few days. We talk about our Facebook exchange and how I was suppose to show him around LA for the next day or two. Watching my Youtube videos and Instagram posts, he wanted to experience the diverse shenanigans I frequently encounter in LA. The conversation came to a lull when I told him about my car situation. Filled with guilt, I tell him a few suggestions around town and try to fix the issue. Upset at myself and the predicament I was in, I was pleased to hear my friend forgive me for my situation and we hung up on a good note. Although, I wanted to show him my version of LA – my favorite bars, restaurants, and scenic spots. I love LA and I wish I could’ve shown him, he’ll just have to keep up with my Facebook feed …

Without sounding pretentious, my life is very interesting. I believe everyone thinks the same about their lives as well (if they have the right attitude). Friends from out of town always ask me to show them around LA and experience cool things they see online. Everyone updates their social media pages because they want to show the world how incredible their lives are. Whether it’s the new organic coffee shop they found in their neighborhood or the dope night club that just opened around the corner, people want to show people what they’ve discovered – Columbus’ing with style. Why do we follow certain people? Because we find their lives interesting, and can possibly offer some new suggestions on what to do when we have spare time. At the end of the day, we all have our versions of what makes our cities cool, why not show the world and get paid doing so?

With the MY CITY mobile app, locals will have the opportunity to show tourists their version of their city. From their top 5 favorite restaurants to their choice of hiking spots, users can tell the world what makes their town so special and even get paid to show you first hand. Users will be able to link their social media and websites, so building a profile is easy. Link your Spotify and let people listen to what music best represents your city. Have your Instagram feed show tourists your town through pictures. Have a Google Map pinpoint your favorite surfing spots, your Yelp reviews rate your favorite restaurants, and your Youtube channel play your personal travel videos. All in all, rep your city! You can either offer tours for money or just leave your profile for people to see. It’s your story, show the world why we should follow.

If you’re interested in the MY CITY mobile app, please vote for us at LA2050 connect and help us win a grant to take our project to the next level. Click on this link and vote, and please feel free to share with your family and friends. Everyone wants to travel, so let’s make it easy and social!

Vote here by Tues. Sept. 16:


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