Meet the FAC board: Ed Mallillin, Membership Co-Director

Ed M


Membership Co-Director
Ed Mallillin is a co-founder and member of FAC, but leads several lives as a schizophrenic. In addition to producing films that nobody has seen and even fewer care to acknowledge, he is a secret-agent coach and teacher known as Mr. M in the British spy community who declined a nomination to be the next Pope because it would interfere with basketball season.


Ed’s helped shape almost every FAC event since 2009, in particular the good ones– including the monumental Project PSA and our uber-successful Speed Networking events (this June!).  Rumor on the playground (that could be a cool name for something down the road) is that he’s also a nice guy unless you dislike Indian food.


He also happens to be a filmmaker (writer/director of “Brown Soup Thing”) and the producer/host of the pointless web series “Flipped Switch.” His next project has sparked a bidding war from bankrupt film studios, desperate publishers, and paranoid parents — it’s his loving memoirs of life in the classroom and on the basketball court.


He’s also a writer and on the board of directors for another community favorite, TAYO Literary Magazine.  That would imply FAC is a community favorite.  It is, isn’t it?  Watch Neil Patrick Harris bust Ed’s chops at the 6 minute point of this Flipped Switch FS-ode,

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