Meet the FAC board: Walter Boholst, Social Media Director

Walt pic small


Social Media Director


Walter is a co-founder of FilAm Creative and pushed for the acronym FAC so he could make many off-color FAC jokes. In FAC he mainly annoys the board to get stuff done while performing the duties of VP of This and That. Whatever This and That entails, then he’s your man.


Walter believes strongly that together we can accomplish more than we can separately and that’s why he co-founded FAC and still works hard for the cause today. He’s found FAC incredibly rewarding personally and professionally and encourages everyone to get involved and join in the fun. And he swears it’s fun.


No one really knows what he does for a living but it’s been rumored he’s a filmmaker by day and at night he’s a ninja assassin. He just wrote/directed/produced the horror thriller feature film “Voodoo Possession” with Danny Trejo distributed by Image Entertainment available at Red Box, Walmart, itunes, Xbox, Amazon and other home video outlets ( He is a freelance writer (if you need one), director (if you need one), producer/legal/business consultant (if you need one) and script analyst (if you need one) and he claims he’s affordable, especially for FAC members.

There used to be a street named after Walter, but it was changed because nobody crosses Walter Boholst and lives.

Walter works on the virtual face of FAC to project FAC’s brand and disseminate information on a daily basis. He is looking for people who love social media to be on his team to created content and get the word out about FAC.

You can follow him at and contact him to volunteer at

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