Meet the FAC board: Darlene Alcantara Vios, Treasurer





Darlene Alcantara Vios swings both ways. That is she’s a board member for FAC but also reps The Filipino American Network of Los Angeles. Darlene has been a board member on FAN for years and basically runs Los Angeles Dodgers Filipino night since they ask her what they should do every year. At this point the Dodgers have offered to name a new hotdog after her called the Darlene Dog. It will be smothered in ketchup with the words “DAR RUNS LA.”


Darlene hails from Stockton (Little Manila) and was once profiled on History Channel’s Gangland TV show as the mob queen of Stockton simply known as “The Alcanterror.” Cornered by the feds she made a plea deal and under the witness protection program she’s relocated to L.A. to operate under the radar. Until now, I guess, since we just blew her cover.


Darlene is our CFO. She creates budgets, projections and revenue generating opportunities. She develops strategy on how FAC can become a self sustaining organization and implements it. She brainstorms sponsorship opportunities then acquires and nurtures them.


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