Meet the FAC board: Arlyn Sinsay, Program Director

Arlyn image


Program Director


Arlyn Sinsay is the glue that’s held FAC together for the last 3 years with the title as The Operational Mofo In Charge. That basically means as the woman Arlyn actually gets stuff done while Ed and Walter talk amongst themselves and stick their chests out. She’s produced too many FAC events to list including the FAC Holiday parties at The Blue Monkey, the Brown Elephant gift exchange and almost every other FAC event since 2009.


She works for UCLA, but her heart belongs to the USC Trojans. She hates being called Arls Barkley so don’t call her that. Her past lives include kicking balls, ahem…I mean running kick ball leagues and as rep for a promotional paper products company. She is also the absolute world’s #1 deal assassin hunting down the best deals on Groupon, discounted meals, free merchandise and free coffee from The Coffee Bean. Recently President Obama appointed her to his cabinet and she saved the country $17 trillion dollars from internet-only deals (She saved $2,394.12 on each military toilet.) This got her into the International Deal Assassin Hall of Fame. A new reality show about her exploits will be airing on Travel Channel called Sinsay-tional Deals. Actually she hates word plays on her last name too so don’t do that either. Or feel her wrath.


Arlyn is a COO of sorts. who specializes in operations and logistics of events and programs. She finds venues, vendors, volunteers, business partners, oversees use of supplies and creates a database of resources to draw upon.

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