Meet the FAC board: Rex Sampaga, Marketing Director



Marketing Director


Rex “Sexy Rexy” Sampaga is a musical tour de force as owner and CEO of RAS MUSIC GROUP, a music publisher based in L.A. He’s been known to record hit singles using only his booming laughter. As an active member of the Pilipino Alumni Association he was involved in the UCLA PAA Scholarship Endowment, hence drawing the reputation as a well-endowed man. Rex has produced numerous events for the FilAm community including Jazzmopolitan.


For FAC, Sexy Rexy does many things but is known for 2: producing the FAC Music Showcases that bring up and coming FilAm talent to your ears and hunting down fugitives from the law as the part-time superhero Sampaganater. His lone superpower is listed simply as “the stare.” The late legendary UCLA basketball coach once praised Rex, saying “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. Awesomeness was only given to Rex Sampaga, be-yotch.” No, he didn’t really say that. But some of this stuff is actually true. Where did he get the nickname Sexy Rexy? You’ll have to ask Eva Longoria about that.


Rex is in charge of developing FAC’s brand and how to project that brand. He works with media, organizations and graphic designers to develop campaigns. He works with numbers as far as reach and how many participants does that convert to. He is constantly growing our exposure and footprint. Rex handles almost all of our press releases. He identifies key audiences, groups and/or partners and gets our message to them.

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