5 with Abe Pagtama featured in the film “Rekorder” Sat. at the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest


Actor and FilAm Creative member, Abe Pagtama, has been a consistent staple of the fledgling Filipino American film scene since his role in “The Debut” in 2000 and as the dad in “The Flip Side” in 2001. Abe is featured in “Rekorder” which makes it’s North American premiere on Sat. at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on Saturday, May 3, 7:30 PM Directors Guild of America 2. FilAm Creative friends can use the discount code of FILAMC to get a discounted $11 ticket for the film.

Abe not only acts in films but he also produces. He travels back and forth between the U.S. and the Philippines to work on both sides of the Pacific.


Rekorder is about Maven, a cinematographer for Filipino films in the ‘80s during his better days, who gets by bootlegging theatrical films by shooting them with his outdated video camera and selling them to video pirates. Troubled, detached and heartbroken, Maven wanders the streets with his camera shooting tape after tape of everyday scenes until one night he comes across a fracas in the street. By capturing the fight, he subsequently becomes entangled in the investigation with the police and his world suddenly gets a jolt.



FAC: How did you get involved with the film?

I have known Mikhail Red, the director of “Rekorder,” since he was 12 years old when his dad, Raymond Red, a winner of Palme D’OR in Cannes, won with a short movie called “ANINO.”

FAC: Describe your role and the making of the film.
When Mikhail Red decided to enter the Cinemalaya (a renowned Philippine independent film festival) for the year 2013, he asked me if I can be in his movie if he gets a chance to get in Cinemalaya 2013. For at test time in 2012, I was in his dad’s movie called “Kamera Obskura.”

FAC: Tell us about what it’s like to go back and forth between the US and the Philippines making movies.

Regarding making movies in the Philippines, I like it because I have a business in the Philippines, which I spend 3 to 4 months a year. It works out fine. Now I can act in both countries, the US and the Philippines.  It also helps because I speak several Filipino dialects.

FAC: How has the FilAm film scene changed since “The Flipside.”

Regarding our situation here in US as an actor, it’s still hard to find a Filipino character to play. In fact most of my roles here are either Eskimo, Chinese or Japanese. There are only few Filipino team movies here in US.

FAC: What do you think about the future of Philippine cinema?

The future of Philippine movies I believe is very good, because they can make movies at very affordable price.

The trailer and more info on the film can be found at http://laapff.festpro.com/films/detail/rekorder_2014

FilAm Creative is a community co-presenter of “Rekorder” and other films at LAAPFF 2014. Check out the list of Philippine and FilAm films here https://filamcreative.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/fac-community-co-presenter-of-laapff-2014/

Article by Walter Boholst. Filmmaker, entertainment attorney and FAC director of social media. www.facebook.com/itswalterb

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