April 10 Panelist Profile: Stephen Dypiangco

FilAm Creative is having our 3rd annual Filipinos in Entertainment and Media Panel at UCLA April 10.

We’re also lucky to have Stephen Dypiangco, the Co-Founder of National Film Society and the Co-Creator of Awesome Asian Bad Guys, on the panel next week!


Stephen is a filmmaker and co-founder of the National Film Society, a media company whose brainy and offbeat work has been featured by PBS Digital Studios, The Wall Street Journal, Filmmaker Magazine, Mashable, GigaOM and Indiewire. The National Film Society produces weekly web videos about movies, filmmaking and pop culture. Stephen is also a producer, director, and digital strategist passionate about the intersection of entertainment and technology, especially online video. He produced the Academy Award-winning Best Live Action short film “God of Love” and worked on the theatrically-released feature documentary How To Live Forever. Currently, Stephen is working on the action/comedy web series Awesome Asian Bad Guys. Stephen is an alum of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and NYU’s graduate film program. For more information, visit: www.stephendypiangco.com or www.nationalfilmsociety.com.

For more info on the panel go  to https://filamcreative.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/filipinos-in-entertainment-and-media-panel-at-ucla-april-10/

Or the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/294963767322283/303175133167813/?notif_t=like

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