Hear The Stories Of Heroes Before They’re Gone

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Day 5.  Gratitude Overwhelming

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.–Cicero
Final day of The Valor Project guestblogging for FAC and I want to say thanks.
Thanks to FAC for allowing us to do this, thanks to the community for learning more about our project, and thanks to the men and women who inspired us to launch this project in the first place.
My family has much to be grateful for and the reasons for our family even being in the United States can be traced back to a the events of WWII.  And most FilAms owe much of their current freedoms to the greatest generation and for that I want to show gratitude.
One such man we owe a debt of gratitude to is Justo Dumlao, 99 year old survivor of the Bataan Death March.  
just dumlao 02

I was messaged by Jackie Medina granddaughter of Justo Dumlao, survivor of Bataan Death March. Justo will be turning 100 years old and will be having a birthday celebration this April 11th. I’m hoping the Kickstarter will be fully funded and I’ll be able to fly out there to interview him. In the meantime, we can show some gratitude to him by sending him birthday cards! 

From his granddaughter Jackie Medina:

“Saw your post on one of the Bataan death match pages. My grandfather is also a survivor of the death march. He is still alive at 99 years old. He will be turning 100 in July but docs say his heart is now only working 10% and he doesn’t have much longer. He is still very much alive though despite what they say. He’s been looking forward to his big birthday party the family is throwing for him. Due to the extenuating circumstances we will be celebrating April 11th in which he will make a grand entrance arriving in a limo and honor guard. Local news stations will also be present. He is our hero.

just dumlao 01

If you can help us get the word out for his birthday cards by just even a FB post on your page it would be so much appreciated. TO: JUSTO DUMLAO, PO BOX 2178, UNIVERSAL CITY, TX 78148″

A small act of gratitude will go a long way!

Thanks FAC community and we hope in the near future that we can bring more stories to you of the men and women who lived and fought in the Philippines during WWII.


*FAC has hosted Rodney Cajudo’s “The Valor Project: WWII Stories from the Philippines” March 24-28, 2014. You can catch the articles from each day on our blog.

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2 thoughts on “Hear The Stories Of Heroes Before They’re Gone

  1. Justo is my father, and I wanted to thank you for facilitating the post at my niece’s request. I wanted to thank your organization for enlightening us all about the service of the men and women of the Philippines during WWII. I only learned of the heroic battles fought through the much censored history books in American Schools. My father rarely spoke of what he endured. Instead, he raised us to respect our country and serve in its military. 6 Dumlao children have served in the US ARMY, USMC, and USAF. We should encourage children of our heroes to sit and ASK their fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, aunts, and even MOTHERS about their experiences and don’t let them sugar coat it. I have a much better understanding of who my father is now that he has shared his stories with us when we reached adulthood.
    Cynthia Davis

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