A transmedia look at “The Valor Project”

The Art of The Valor Project: World War II Stories from the Philippines Day 3 of The Valor Project guest blogging on Filam Creative. If you missed it, you can find Day 1 and Day 2 on our website.

When I started this project, it began with just research for my novel. But it’s grown so much, because the story is so immense. Over 400,000 Filipinos fought in WWII defending their homeland and millions were affected by the war and occupation. The numbers differ, depending on who you ask, but approximately 11,000 of the Veterans of WWII in the Philippines are still alive. And I want to interview as many as I can. But not just interview them, but also take character portrait photography of them. Tell their stories not only through film but other mediums of art.

And it’s always been a question of how to effectively tell a story that achieves several objectives: Truthfully allow them to tell their experiences in their own words, accurately chronicle the the war in the Philippines, and provide a compelling piece of storytelling that will act as a bridge between the older generation to the younger generation.

So we are turning to all mediums of art to help bring the story to life. In the documentary, we hope to collaborate with Pinoy artists to create illustrated motion vignettes to provide the broadstrokes of the historical events and present them similar to the History of Westeros videos HBO produced for their hit show Game of Thrones.

Along with these vignettes, we will be gathering drone footage of historical sites like Intramuros, and Corregidor, and even creating walk throughs that allow people to see the sites in ways never been done before.

Drone footage similar to this:

And video walkthroughs using latest tech:

All of this mixed in with the stories to help humanize the conflict, as well as archival photos and footage, will be an amazing work of art that will connect people with their history.

But we also have an art book that will be filled with character portrait photography from many friends like Teddy Sahilan, Diane Valera, Homer McDulu, Karel Sevilla, myself, and many more.


And the book will contain short stories that are inspired by the true accounts of the Veterans. Stories written by authors like Jason Magabo Perez, whose writings have been published TAYO, Witness, and Mission at Tenth.


And we will even have creative non­fiction pieces that will talk about their personal connections with WWII. Written by the descendants of WWII Veterans, like Fil Am Creative’s own Ed Mallillin whose grandfather fought in WWII and received a Purple Heart after being shot four times.

Along with the art and writings, we’ll have poems, paintings, and possibly even graffiti art that will help provide an outlet for the younger generation to express their gratitude to those that came before.


Are you a writer with a connection to a WWII Vet in your family? Are you an artist who would like to submit some art? A poet, a fiction writer inspired by the stories of WWII in the Philippines? Contact me at rodney@thevalorproject.com

We hope to honor the stories and tell them through different mediums of art. But we need your help to get the project to the next level. Please visit the Kickstarter page and help back the campaign and be a part of helping honor the men and women. http://kck.st/1dpKqW6

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