“The Valor Project” week at FilAmCreative.org

FilAmCreative.org is proud to host “The Valor Project: World War II Stories from the Philippines” this week as they raise money for their documentary film on Kickstarter. This week we will be featuring content from the making of the film by the filmmaker, Rodney Cajudo. – FilAm Creative

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The Valor Project: World War II Stories from the Philippines, is on an ongoing mission to help the people who fought and lived during World War II in the Philippines tell their story.

This story telling project will use different mediums of art; a documentary film, photography, fiction, poems, and creative non-fiction. The documentary will feature interviews with veterans of WWII, scholars, and people who lived through WWII. The art book will contain portrait photographs of the vets, as well as fiction stories that have been inspired by tales of the vets, and creative non-fiction pieces talking about different aspects of that era. The Valor Project will capture as many stories from the veterans to ensure their legacy lives on for generations to come. 

In recent years other aspects of World War II have been told in movies and documentaries, like Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, and The Pacific, but the tales of those that lived and fought in the Philippines during World War II haven’t been as heralded. It is our hope that through art and technology The Valor Project can be a bridge to between the past and the future generations and be a definitive repository of oral history of this era of in history.
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The filmmaker, Rodney Cajudo.
You can help in several ways:

–Support by becoming a backer.  Not only will you help these men and women tell their stories, but you will be a part of helping keep their legacy alive.  As well as getting great rewards!

–Help spread the project within your personal network to gather more backers.  The exposure has been amazing so far, but the more the word gets out the more support we can rally for the cause.

–Help spread the project to gather more art, stories, and collaborators.  Know of any artists that might want to contribute?  Know of anyone who’s Lolo or Lola that have WWII Stories?  Know any one that might want to help?  If you know of anyone, please email me at rodney@thevalorproject.com

Please visit, www.thevalorproject.com to become a backer or to help spread the Kickstarter.

If  you are interested in contributing content to FilAmCreative.org or to subscribe to the newsletter please email filamcreative@gmail.com.

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